A Prayer For The Owner Of The Empty Swing

the swing sits silently no child to make it go
was there an accident or infertility, this I do not know

could it be her finger never a ring did wear
time traversed just leaving with the owner one solitary tear

or did the owners after patient waiting, joyously conceive
but shortly after news brought pain and with it cause to grieve

was there a child who daily toddled to this backyard swing
til illness came and whisked away on heaven angel wing

not understanding why they were robbed of their intent
I offer up this prayer for the owners who lament

would God please comfort these childless downhearted
replace with hope and faith the dreams that have departed

may these earthly trials and sorrows that crush and take their toll
lead them to the Fathers arms which are waiting to console

fill up the empty places with the vastness of your love
remind them of your promise of eternal life above

Lisa Hempel
May 13, 2012

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