The Little Fighters Cancer Trust (LFCT) is a Childhood Cancer Support Organisation. LFCT was established in 2010 when it was discovered that there are families touched by Childhood Cancer who needed help urgently but were falling through the cracks.   LFCT's Vision is to provide practical & emotional support to children with cancer and their families while working to raise public awareness of Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer throughout South Africa. LFCT strives to relieve some of the heartache and difficulties faced by childhood cancer affected families by:
  • Providing holistic support, ensuring that individuals, families and communities are included.
  • Treating each child with cancer and their family members as individuals; understanding and respecting the uniqueness of each situation.
  • The preservation of individual dignity and pride.
  • Promoting and Advocating National Childhood Cancer Awareness
The services LFCT offers are divided into three focus areas.
Hospital Ward Support
Individual and Family Support
Childhood Cancer Awareness

Our Services

LFCT strives to relieve some of the heartache and difficulties faced by childhood cancer affected families by providing services in the following three focus areas:
Hospital Ward Support

Hospital Ward Support encompasses the following:

Paediatric Oncology Hospital Ward Visits; Bags of Hope; Mother’s Day Gifts; Share the Warmth; Christmas Elf Project.

By implementing our hospital ward support project on outpatient clinic days, we are able to reach more than 2 000 children with cancer, and in many cases, their bedside care-givers as well.

Family Support

LFCT prioritises providing families affected by childhood cancer with Family Care Packages.

Our Family Care Packages contain basic foodstuffs, cleaning materials (hygiene vital for child with cancer), and clothing or blankets when possible.

Resources permitting, LFCT also helps with Funeral support; Family support after remission or death; Family outings, and more...

Child Cancer Awareness

Here at LFCT we believe in creating awareness 24/7/365!

We do this by Distributing Gold Awareness Ribbons & Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer cards, pamphlets and A1 laminated posters.

LFCT also runs a September Awareness Campaign and Gives informative presentations at schools, crèches, businesses etc.

Outreaches Done
Family Care Packages Delivered
Lives Impacted

Our Projects

LFCT takes a multidimensional approach to addressing the challenges of Childhood Cancer. We provide ongoing support to our Little Fighters and their Families in and out of hospital via various ongoing projects.  Please support us by donating to this worthy cause!

Latest News from our Blog

Discover all the wonderful things that Team LFCT and our Supporters are up to, as well as important, relevant and up-to-date info on Childhood Cancer, Childhood Cancer Research etc. via our regular blog-posts
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Meet our passionate and dedicated team who are determined to help make the lives of our beneficiaries and their families at least a bit easier while they are coping with the ravages of Childhood Cancer. Our work is our passion and we live to serve our beneficiaries, our Little Fighters and their Families.
Lizelma Olivier
Lizelma Olivier

Programme Manager

Lizelma is a Social Worker with a more than 30 years experience in the NPO field and a background of assisting individuals dealing with devastating trauma. She has nothing but love for children, who flock to her to get some of her earth-mother love

Billi du Preez
Billi du Preez

Digital Marketing Consultant

Billi is a Consultant and a Writer with a strong background in NPO work, and lends a hand wherever necessary. As a Survivor herself she has a very strong personal bond with the Beneficiaries and their Families. She is also a qualified Life Coach and Cancer Coach.

Please feel free to contact us either via the e-mail address or phone no below or via our Contact Us page ~ we will get back to you within the shortest time possible. You can also visit our Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube Pages by clicking on the icons.
2 West St, Northern Paarl 7646 South Africa
Program Manager
E-mail: pm@littlefighters.org.za Phone: +27  84 099 1136

How YOU Can Help

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is a Non-Profit, Public Benefit Childhood Cancer Support Organisation. Please help LFCT to continue to holistically support our Little Fighters and their Families in and out of hospital.
How YOU Can Help