LFCT strives to relieve some of the heartache and difficulties faced by childhood cancer-affected families by providing services in the following three focus areas:

Childhood Cancer requires around-the-clock care – most of the time one of the parents, generally the mother has to leave their employment = the family income is severely depleted.

Many Children with Cancer stay in the hospital for up to two years at a time, which means that the mother must stay at the hospital with them.

Regular hospital visits for treatments/check-ups, petrol/transport money to and from the hospital, specific dietary needs, clothing/equipment, and medication needs all add to the financial stress.

Siblings at home suffer as there is insufficient money for daily living, let alone for school needs. There is often no food in the home; Families are often evicted or lose their homes due to insufficient funds. Imagine the chaos in a single-parent family.

Hospital Ward Support

Hospital Ward Support encompasses the following: Paediatric Oncology Hospital Ward visits; Bags of Hope; Mother’s Day gifts; Share the Warmth; Break the Rules Birthday Bashes; and our Christmas Elf Project. By implementing our hospital ward support project on outpatient clinic days, we are able to reach more than 2 000 children with cancer per outreach, and in many cases, their bedside caregivers as well.

Individual & Family Support

LFCT prioritises providing individual families affected by childhood cancer with Family Care Packages. Resources permitting, LFCT also helps with Home & school resources; Home repairs (hygienic for child with cancer); Transport costs to and from the hospital/clinic; Funeral support; Family support after remission or death; Family outings; Birthday & Anniversary celebrations; Facilitating a Little Fighter’s last wish

Childhood Cancer Awareness

There is a dire need for more awareness surrounding Childhood Cancer! The Little Fighters Cancer Trust advocates Childhood Cancer Awareness by distributing pamphlets, gold awareness ribbons, early warning signs of childhood cancer cards, and A1 laminated posters; via our September Awareness Campaign, and various other campaigns, and by offering informative presentations

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