The Little Fighters Cancer Trust (LFCT) helps Children with Cancer and their Families throughout South Africa.

The assistance that we offer includes hospital outreaches, practical & emotional support to the families, and spreading awareness about child cancer in the communities.

Due to the fact that the services that we provide cost a lot and we do not receive any funding from government, we depend on the kindness and donations of individuals to operate.

LFCT can ONLY assist Children who are currently battling cancer – once a child is declared to be in remission, LFCT will continue to assist for a further 6 months only. To this end LFCT may require a doctor’s letter confirming the child’s current medical status every 6 months.

Should your child unfortunately lose their battle with cancer, LFCT will continue to offer support for 3 months thereafter in order to help the family over this stressful period.

As a Non Profit, Public Benefit Organisation that depends on donations to operate, LFCT needs to show donors and the public what we do and how their donations are spent, so we ask our Families to share their stories and photos with us; the good times and the bad, and we ask permission to use these stories and photos on our social and other media sites. We do understand that some families do not want their child’s illness made public and LFCT fully respects this. Even if permission is granted, it can be taken back at any time should the parents so wish.

We may also request feedback from our beneficiary families at various times in order to monitor how our beneficiary is doing, that the services we are providing are still relevant, to measure if and how much we are actually helping, and to ensure that we are covering all aspects that we possibly can.

Please note that we are a Childhood Cancer organisation, so can only help children under the age of 18.

 Please note that the completion of this form does not guarantee assistance by LFCT, as all assistance is dependent on available resources, but we will always try our best to serve.

Kindly complete the following form in full and submit it – we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Beneficiary Application Form
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