The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is a Childhood Cancer Support Organisation, which means that it is an organisation which requires a massive amount of funding, as most of the support that we offer is finance-intensive.

While LFCT is BBEEE compliant (around 95% of our Beneficiaries are black), we receive no support from government or LOTTO. It is therefore up to us to fundraise in various ways, and while there is not much we can do in the way of income-generating projects, we do what we can.

LFCT employs various methods of fundraising and obtaining donations of goods and services, including the establishment of a pre-loved shop in Paarl as a form of income-generation. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we were forced to give up our premises in Paarl which contained our ofice, sotckroom, pre-loved shop and our kitchen from which we also generated an income.

We host Cancer Awareness talks and tables/stalls wherever and whenever given the chance; we have collection tins on the tables and sell various goodies such as gold awareness ribbons.

We sometimes get gifted product which we cannot utilise for our beneficiaries, but can either sell or auction off to generate income that we can use for the organisation,

One of our biggest income-generating resources is gently pre-loved products. While we cannot gift these to our beneficiaries due to their severely impaired immune systems, your gently pre-loved items can still make a HUGE difference in their lives.

We still do make a plan to sell whatever second-hand goodies are donated to us, and plow every cent made from those sales straight back into servicing our beneficiaries.

If you have second-hand clothing, kitchenware, tools, electronic equipment (which still works), toys, linen, etc. that is still in USABLE condition but you want to get rid of due to space requirements, spring-cleaning or because you have purchased replacements, please think about donating it to LFCT.

Things that have been lying around the house or stuffed in the back of your cupboards or squashed into a corner of the garage for ages can make a massive difference in the lives of Children with Cancer (who have a great many needs), and their Families who give up everything to bear the brunt of the expenses of caring for a Child with Cancer, therefore often going without themselves, or not being able to provide siblings of their Child with Cancer with their needs.

Donating such goods to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust Pre-Loved Shop, will enable us to raise much-needed funds.

If you can get the products to us, great, we will appreciate it very much – if you cannot, please contact us to see if we can make a plan to collect from you!

WE GUARANTEE – 100% of the proceeds of these sales will go towards helping our Little Fighters and their Families cope just a little bit better with the scourge of cancer.

Contact Lizelma Olivier on Mobile: +27 73 729 6155 to arrange re your donations