Good Morning all Little Fighters Supporters. As you all know by now we were not able to do our usual Christmas Elf Deliveries at all the hospitals/clinics this year due to circumstances, but we promise to make up for it in many ways next year!
We did, however, manage to do a Christmas Elf Delivery at Red Cross G1 Oncology Unit last Thursday, accompanied by Shaakirah from Atlantic Seaboard Views, who has supported us in 2017 and will be supporting us throughout 2018 with advertising/awareness, another editorial and 2 events for our Little Fighters.
We did the delivery to 50 Little Fighters in the Ward as well as in the Day Clinic, and each Little Fighter received a bag full of games and educational toys as well as a lovely snack-pack.
The elves left there with broad smiles and full hearts, grateful that we could make those children who are fighting the battle of their lives feel at least a little bit better as well as know that there are lots of complete strangers who are on their side and wish them Love, Light & Healing.


You may notice that all the photos containing Little Fighters are taken either from behind or their heads are cut off – this has been done on purpose to protect the identities of our Little Fighters, which is also why there are minimal photos showing children.
All of the children were very excited to receive a visit from our Christmas Elves and thoroughly enjoyed the snacks and their eyes lit up at these lovely early Christmas presents – smiles and laughter abounded.
Gilmore and Shaakirah from Atlantic Seaboard Views also jumped in immediately when the call went out for help with our Christmas Elf project, which is why we thought it would be great for one of them to accompany us on our Christmas Elf Delivery so that they could see firsthand…
Shaakirah wrote on a post on the ASV Facebook Page:

What an extremely beautiful morning spent with Little Fighters Cancer Trust at Red Cross Memorial hospital, yesterday.
The joy on the faces of the little oncology patients, upon receiving their prezzies, was so heartwarming.
Come on guys, help these beautiful souls at LFCT to continue doing their work.
Donate what you can, to assist them, not just now but throughout the year. They need all the support they can get.
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Atlantic Seaboard Views is a beautiful glossy magazine distributed along the Atlantic Seaboard, and is “the voice binding a variety of sub-cultures along the Atlantic Seaboard into one society. It is intended to create a platform for, and showcase, new and upcoming talent in our geographical society and to covering every aspect of living life to the fullest.”
To all who made this delivery possible, THANK YOU!!!!
Our Elves at Elf Headquarters are very busy packing the other presents and buying food and packing it for our Festive Family Food Parcels, which will go out to our most needy families on Friday so that they too have a great Christmas with presents for the Little Fighters and their Siblings and lots of great food for the month.

Any presents that are left over will be used throughout the year when the need arises, such as for Little Fighter birthdays etc and any that remain will be distributed next Christmas.


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