With our chief cook & bottlewasher, Programme Manager Mandie Erasmus laid up ill in bed (Get Well Soon, Mandie), I was asked to attend an event in honour of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust on Sunday evening, and I am very glad I was.
Although, typical to Cape Town fashion, unfortunately many people who had bought tickets to the fundraising event did not pitch (or perhaps they were blown away by the 60kph winds😜😜), it was a lovely event.
It was such a pleasure to meet and chat to Gilmore and Shaakirah  from Atlantic Seaboard Views, who organised the fundraising event and published a wonderful article on the Little Fighters Cancer Trust  in their  a free quarterly, high quality coffee table lifestyle magazine, which is distributed to 20 000 households and businesses along the upmarket Western Cape Atlantic Seaboard – what great exposure for our little charity!
You can read the article online HERE  – in the Spring 2017 issue (Pg 23) – as well as Little Fighter Reece Barend’s story directly thereafter (see poem written by his mother at the end of this post).

It was great to be able to give everyone an overview of what the Little Fighters Cancer Trust is all about and what we do, and because it was such a small crowd I was also able to speak to virtually everyone on a one-on-one basis as well and that was great because it is in those quiet, intimate conversations that one can say so much more and give others the real feel of, challenges and emotions around the scourge of childhood cancer.

THANK YOU to Gilmore, Shaakirah and everyone from Atlantic Seaboard Views for organising the function to raise funds for LFCT – your compassion and willingness to help others less fortunate shines through. It was really fantastic to meet you both and we look forward to collaborating with you in the future – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
THANK YOU to  Silence Is Accurate Gallery  in Woodstock for hosting the function in your lovely venue – it is a beautiful space and we really appreciate you offering it up for the event.
THANK YOU SO much to Bon Appetit Caterers and Co-Ordinators who not only brought the party to us with the SCRUMPTIOUS snacks, but also came to the party in the form of a stunning donation – YOU ROCK!!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
And lastly but certainly not least, THANK YOU to each and every one of you who did attend the event – it was great meeting you all and chatting to you, and it was gratifying to see that the information you were given really opened your eyes to Childhood Cancer and also opened your hearts to what is needed and what you can do… and I know will do… to help.

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Sorry & Thank You, My Hero

To the most amazing soul I know, Reece…….

I am so sorry that you felt pain for most of your life

As cancer wrapped itself around your body,

I’m sorry I didn’t know.

I’m sorry that you went lame

Before mommy knew something was so very wrong.

I’m sorry that you had to have needles

Burst your veins and knives cut your skin.

I’m sorry mommy allows poison into your body

That makes you so sick that you throw up,

Lose your hair and your appetite.

I’m sorry that you can’t walk yet

And that you can’t go to parties or play school.

I’m sorry that you have to be held down when they put your needle in

While you scream for mama and point at me as if to ask

Why I am letting them do this to you.

I’m sorry that I can’t take this away,

And that there is still so much more you have to endure.

I thank you for your strength my boy, your strength gives me strength,

Thank you for learning new things all the time like a normal happy child,

Thank you for crawling and standing up and so almost walking,

Thank you for laughing and smiling all the time

Thank you for always wanting me around and for cuddling me so often

While patting my back as if to say thank you mom and it’s ok.

Thank you for surviving and having me in awe every day,

Thank you for loving me and for choosing me to be your mum,

I will show you that you chose the right mom and I will make you proud

And I will make up for all that you have to endure.

We are going to have an awesome life because you are destined

For greatness and happiness surrounded by love and faith.

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do…

And you are the toughest person I know,

I gave birth to my hero, my hero is you.

© Ashleigh Barends 22.05.14


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