iccd-poster-2February 15th is International Childhood Cancer Day; a day on which individuals across the globe create awareness around the fact that cancer does not discriminate by age.
Today we also think about all the children who are fighting cancer and their families and wish them Love, Light & Healing and remember all our Little Fighters who lost the battle and their Loved Ones and wish them Love, Light & Strength.
For far too long, the rights and needs of children/adolescents with cancer have been marginalised and neglected. While deaths due to infectious diseases have been significantly reduced, deaths due to childhood cancer are increasing.
Every day 700 children and adolescents below the age of 20 are diagnosed with cancer. Of the 250 000 diagnosed with cancer each year, about 90 000 of them will lose their lives to the disease.

Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for children under the age of 15.

Unfortunately, the causes of paediatric cancer are still largely unknown, and although new discoveries are resulting in new treatments, this heart-breaking disease continues to scar families and communities in ways that may never fully heal.
It is up to all of us to ensure that we know the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer so that the disease can be detected early ~ this will make the chances of Survival jump from about 10% to a WHOPPING 80% – 90%
What is even more heart-breaking is that many more children and adolescents are robbed of this special time in their lives because they do not have access to decent health services and are therefore either diagnosed late or are not diagnosed at all.
Health systems in low and middle-income countries are inadequate or inaccessible and unaffordable; there is inadequate medical infrastructure and equipment; and essential medicines are either not available or too expensive.


The UN Rights of the Child states

Children have the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and facilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation of health.


International Childhood Cancer Day 2017 Key Messages

1. Safe, Timely and Quality Childhood Cancer Care is a Human Right – Thousands of children/adolescents are being denied that right. Make their voices heard.

2. Childhood cancer is a neglected and forgotten non-communicable disease. Lets work together to make it a priority.

3. Helping Care and Cure Children with cancer is a smart investment in our shared futures.

4. Childhood cancer treatment pushes families deeper into poverty. Lets work together to assist families of children/adolescents with cancer.

5. Families and Parents of kids with cancer are an untapped valuable resource. Engage and involve them.

6. Childhood cancer survivors are unique and priceless parts of our future. Speak out and stand up against any form of discrimination against them.

Development of childhood cancer drugs has also been lagging behind. As a case in point, treatment for standard risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (which is the most common type of childhood cancer), consists of 11 drugs; five of which were developed in the 1960s, another five , in the 1970s and one in the ‘80s.
As is already the case in high-income countries (HICs), in a growing number of middle-income countries (MICs), cancer is now the leading cause of non-accidental deaths, among children and adolescents.

Children Deserve The Best!

This campaign calls attention to these five essential aspects of the BEST care for children and adolescents with cancer:

  1. Better access to quality childhood cancer treatment and care

2. Enhanced availability and access to affordable and/or free essential childhood cancer medications, including those for pain treatment

3. Social protection through inclusion of childhood cancer in social health insurance or universal health coverage

4. Stronger paediatric palliative care

5. Targeted, less toxic treatments leading to decreased chronic late effects for survivors of childhood cancers

Gold Awareness RibbonThe Gold Awareness Ribbon represents the twelve major types of Childhood Cancers. To read more on these different types of cancers, click HERE.




How YOU can Help

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust offers support to Children with Cancer and their families via various Projects for which we rely on donations from the public.
If you would like to help us to continue helping Children with Cancer and their families, please either make a financial donation or make a donation towards one of our projects.
We are in dire need of foodstuffs and toiletries for our Little Fighters and their families at the moment – you can either donate product from our list of needs on our Wishlist Page under “Feeding Our Families“ or donate financially so that we can purchase the fresh produce that we add to each Family Food Delivery.
SMS GOLD to 40770 to make a once-off donation of R20 to Little Fighters Cancer Trust, so that we can continue supporting Children with Cancer and their Families.
SMS LFCANCER to 31222 to Donate R10 per week and receive a Daily Inspirational SMS Message every weekday
Promote Childhood Cancer Awareness EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR by spreading the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer
VOLUNTEER your Services . Click HERE to find out what YOU can do
Make a DONATION to help us spread Childhood Cancer Awareness and support child cancer families
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