sfh2016Good Morning ALL, it is SO exciting to see the figures in our Swim for Hope fundraising effort climbing slowly day by day… we SO want to make our target this year so that more Little Fighters can be helped.

Donating to this worthy cause is your way of helping Children with Cancer by honouring the EPIC efforts of the 17 swimmers that took on the rough, icy seas of the Cape of Storms in the Extreme  8km Cape Point Rounding last Friday!

Just to get you a bit more motivated, here are some more details about the event and some photos so that you can see exactly what these heroes of ours had to face:

Swim for Hope 2016 Team                                          Team Swim for Hope 2016 



* ALL Swimmers came in with sub-three hour times
* New Male Record, Anthony Pearse
* Youngest ever swimmer to round Cape Point, Saee Sukale
* Second Youngest ever swimmer to round Cape Point, Prabhat Koli
* First Male Indian swimmer to round Cape Point, Prabhat Koli
* First Female Indian swimmer to round Cape Pont, Saee Sukale

Two swimmers had to be pulled from the water due to cold, but we are happy to share that they fully recovered, and would like to thank their support crews and EMS Medical Support for their quick and thorough assistance.



Official Times

Swim for Hope Official Swimmer’s Times:

Eben Karsten (15) DNF
Anthony Pearse (8) 1:39
Prabhat Koli (13) 1:55
Justin Coetzee (6) 1:59
Herman van der Westhuizen (9) 2:02
Motti Lewis (17) DNF
Heinrich Langner (11) 2:11
Martin Vleggaar (2) 2:11
Samantha Whelpton (5) 2:12
Chris Loker (10) 2:12
Saee Sukale (12) 2:40
Arafat gatabazi (14) 2:41
Mervyn Bremner (3) 2:41
Derrick Frazer (16) 2:45
Tony Sellmeyer (4) 2:54
Richard Child (7) 2:54
Lindsay de Kock (1) 2:54

All times were recorded and verified by an official from CLDSA


Once again, our respect, admiration and heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who was involved in Swim for Hope 2016 in any way – without every single one of you we would not have been able to do this!

We had an AWESOME Team on board this year: BigBayEvents, Comply360, NCC Environmental Services, TYR South Africa, and various others, including CLDSA, various Media, Boatsmen, Skippers, Volunteers, and Friends and Family.


Thanks to all for making Swim for Hope 2016 an Epic and Unforgettable event!





SfH 13 AprilWe are currently sitting on R85 840-86 and that R100 000 target is so close that I can almost taste it like our swimmers got a good taste of the sea with all the mouthfuls of seawater that they swallowed on Friday!

Our swimmers did FANTASTICALLY well and really deserve to crown their efforts with a record amount raised this year – PLEASE do not disappoint them!

Remember that the reason that they took on the Epic Cape Point Rounding in freezing cold water and swallowed massive mouthfuls of sea water was not just for fun (although there was loads of that too) but to raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer and to raise Funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

Swim For Hope around the Cape of Good Hope is an exclusive group swim attempt around Cape Point to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s Bag of Hope project. This was the 4th Swim for Hope event and the 3rd Swim for Hope Group Event.

Carina Bruwer~Pugliese from the SAMA award-winning group Sterling EQ, who is also a Veteran Marathon Swimmer and active LFCT Supporter and Advocate, initiated Swim For Hope with a solo rounding in 2013, and decided to turn it into an invitational in order to increase fundraising potential. Carina did not actively participate in Swim for Hope 2016 due to her growing baby-bump, but WAS there to give inspiration and encouragement to all the participants.

Since then there have been two group swims, with fourteen swimmers participating in each of the 2014 and 2015 Group Swims. See more about the previous swims HERE and HERE.

All funds raised will go towards the Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s BAG OF HOPE Project.

A BAG OF HOPE provides essentials for both the Child with Cancer and his/her mother orBag of Hope More Smiles.... bedside care-giver, with items such as toiletries, pyjamas, non-perishable food, educational toys, blankets and sanitary products, making a challenging and prolonged hospital stay, just a bit more comfortable.

LFCT is operational in 11 main paediatric oncology treatment centres throughout South Africa, including the Western Cape, Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Free State.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust supports Children with Cancer and their Families throughout South Africa.

In cases where there is no family support structure, such as in oncology wards in Children’s Homes and Places of Safety, we are often the only line of support which these young Cancer Fighters have.

Our approach to support is holistic – we do not just look at practical and financial support, but also concentrate hugely on emotional support, providing relief where needed in and out of hospital.


Thank YOU!!

*A big thank you to these offline donors:

Martin Vleggaar, Welgedacht Spar Swimmer Entry Donation: R2000.00

Richard Child, Conbrako: R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Richard Child, Conbrako: R5000.00 “Really looking forward to seeing all of you and of course those beautiful cliffs.”

Samantha Whelp ton: R2000.00  Swimmer Entry Donation

Lindsay de Kock: R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Tony Sellmeyer: R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Mervyn Bremner: R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Anthony Pearse: R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Herman van der Westhuizen/ Water Skills SA: R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Water Skills SA: R5000.00 “Water Skills SA is proud to Support Swim for Hope 2016”.

Arafat Gatabazi, R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Chris Loker / Moksha, R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Waterskills SA: R5000 (staff contributions and company donation)

Motti Lewis: R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Heinrich Langner: R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Derrick Frazer: R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Saee Sukale: R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Prabhat Koli: R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Eben Karsten: R2000.00 Swimmer Entry Donation

Kath Boast: R1000.00


Name Comment Date Amount
Sue and Des a small something for the Little Fighter Apr 12, 2016 R 205.64
Justin So stoked and proud of you, Heinie! Apr 12, 2016 R 500.00
Andrew for those who put in the hard yard Apr 11, 2016 R 180.00
Chris Edwards Well Done Eben Apr 11, 2016 R 514.10
Paddy Nice Chris Apr 11, 2016 R 500.00
Cheryl Well done Chris Apr 11, 2016 R 102.82
Stan Kozlowski Well done Mervyn Bremner, Lindsay De Kock and all the other swimmers on your efforts to provide hope for others. Bless You all !!! Apr 11, 2016 R 510.00
tizzy Swem SeeKat swem! Apr 11, 2016 R 210.00
Ian Logan Well done! Great effort & great cause. Apr 11, 2016 R 1 028.20
Ossi Schmidt It was an awsome swim in challenging conditions. Priviledged to observe. Well done to fund raisers, organisers, boat crews and last but not least intrepid swimmers. Apr 10, 2016 USD $ 35.13
Daniel Well done Arafat! Apr 10, 2016 R 514.10
Nicola Acknowledging all children who fight adversity Apr 10, 2016 R 205.64
Delle Henry So proud of you incredibly brave open water swimmers….an amazing cause! Apr 09, 2016 R 514.10
Bilal Well done eben Apr 08, 2016 R 514.10
Matrix Fund Managers Well Done Eben – matching the team’s personal donations with this amount! Apr 08, 2016 R 4 524.08
Roushana Good luck Eben!! Apr 08, 2016 R 514.10
Jean Viljoen Its a privelege to donate to this fantastic cause. Well done swimmers, and thanks Heinrich Langner to alerting us to it. Apr 08, 2016 R 500.00
cara geffen Backing Eben Apr 08, 2016 R 514.10
Wallie Lekker swem Eben! Apr 08, 2016 R 514.10
Bruce Mommsen Good luck Eben!! Apr 08, 2016 R 308.46
Sollie legend is daar geelstert in die baai? laat weet asap Apr 08, 2016 R 514.10
Sunfish To all the little kids x Apr 08, 2016 R 210.00
Taryn Good Luck Eben! Apr 08, 2016 R 102.82
Karen Swim fishies! Apr 08, 2016 R 514.10
Kaila & Mika Harbich Well done Chris!!! U goooooo!!! Apr 08, 2016 R 2 056.40
Leon Good luck Eben! Apr 08, 2016 R 1 028.20
zoid go Heinnie! Apr 08, 2016 R 514.10
Peet Karsten Backing Eben Karsten lekker swem Pa en Ma Apr 08, 2016 R 514.10
Ann Gray Have a safe swim Mervyn abd Lindsay for a very worthy cause Apr 08, 2016 R 102.82
Marne Meades Enjoy the swim! Apr 08, 2016 R 1 000.00
Linda Smith Go Eben! Trots op jou. Apr 08, 2016 R 500.00
Jacques Karsten Great Work! Go Eben Apr 07, 2016 R 205.64
Mark Cohen Good luck from Scotland Apr 07, 2016 R 514.10
Paul Mirbach Anything to help cancer victims. Those who have been close to it, know how important this is. Apr 07, 2016 R 293.04
Ben Sterkte Eben en span! Apr 07, 2016 R 205.64
Nikki Good luck! Apr 07, 2016 R 514.10
Gabi, Aust and Charlie Proud of you dad! Apr 07, 2016 R 308.46
Erik Good luck Eben Apr 07, 2016 R 1 028.20
Johannes Thanks for making the effort guys. Lekker swem Eben! Apr 07, 2016 R 514.10
Edru good luck!! Apr 07, 2016 R 1 028.20
Yunus Have a good swim Apr 07, 2016 R 200.00
small_servant All the best to Eben and the rest, may the force be with you! Apr 07, 2016 R 205.64
Leko Good luck Eben and other members Apr 07, 2016 R 200.00
Marge Good Luck Eben Apr 07, 2016 R 102.82
Rob Enjoy the swim Eben! Apr 07, 2016 R 308.46
Chris Laubscher Good luck everyone! Wishing you a calm and warm ocean! Apr 07, 2016 R 257.05
Maura Sanderoff Godd Luck Tony, Arafat, Motti, Chris, Eben & Heinrich, Lindsay and others Apr 07, 2016 R 154.23
Louw Go Eben! Apr 06, 2016 USD $ 6.90
Marge Blumeris Good Luck Chris! Apr 06, 2016 R 514.10
Rob Good luck Chris Apr 06, 2016 R 205.64
Victoria Reuvers Swimming for a great cause Chris! Mar 16, 2016 R 100.00
yael joffe an inspirring story Mar 14, 2016 R 210.00
Craig & Nicky Middleton What an inspirational story Arafat – God bless!! Mar 14, 2016 R 1 025.00
Marion Good luck Arafat! Mar 13, 2016 R 150.00
Made In Africa Films Made in Africa Films Mar 10, 2016 R 6 330.00
Piet Kellerman In honour of a wonderful man who unfortunately lost the battle. Mar 08, 2016 R 410.00
Made in Africa FIlms From Phil at Made in Africa Films Feb 24, 2016 R 1 275.00
Rocket FIlms Africa From Debbie Cornell @ Rocket Films Africa Feb 23, 2016 R 1 010.00




You can make donations to the Swim for Hope effort by donating directly via any of the following methods.


Banking Details


goldribbonACCOUNT NAME: Little Fighters Cancer Organization
BANK: First National Bank
BRANCH: Paarl Mall
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62277783249

Please email your proof of payment and personal message to lfct@littlefighters.org.za and if needed, request your Section 18A ta benefit and B-BEEE score documentation.

Please mark all EFT donations with “Swim for Hope”





Corporates as well as members of the public are encouraged to sponsor and donate, via “BackaBuddy”.

Corporate sponsors can contact Little Fighters Cancer Trust directly on 073 729 6155 or mandie@littlefighters.org.za for organisational information such as taxation and BEE benefits, as the organisation is a registered NPO with PBO status.





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