It is Muhamad Hussein’s birthday today, which should be a joyous occasion, but a few days ago Muhammad and his family received the news that nobody wants to get after 3+ years…

Muhamad Ebrahim Hussein was born on 15/09/09. From the age of 6 months his parents began noticing that he was not always that well, and after numerous visits to the paediatrician he was diagnosed with Haemophycotic Syndrome and admitted to hospital for 4 months.

Muhamad did well for the next 18 months, but was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in March 2012.

Dec 2013Being based in Port Elizabeth but having to travel to the Red Cross Hospital in Cape Town often for treatment, Muhamad’s father, a qualified Pharmacist, made the decision to give up his job to become a full-time carer for his son so that his wife could complete her nursing studies as she was close to qualifying at that time.

The family went through huge battles and great financial strain but hung in there and eventually, after extensive chemotherapy treatment, Muhamad went into remission.

Unfortunately, after 3.5 years, the family were informed over the weekend that Muhamad has relapsed;  He was admitted to hospital on Saturday night and received two blood transfusions and platelets. His counts were extremely low, and he needed to go from the Eastern Cape to Cape Town as soon as possible for intensive chemo.

His daddy’s words were, “I almost died when they gave me the news.”

Tests confirmed that the cancer has returned, and Muhamad was transferred to a treatment centre on Monday morning, where he would have immediately started off on intensive chemo, but due to the fact that it is his birthday today the doctor decided to put off starting until tomorrow.

For the next nine months, Muhamad will be in hospital for five days of treatment and home for five days, on a continuous cycle.

His parents have been informed that should the chemotherapy regimen not be successful,  he will need a bone marrow transplant.

Please, consider contacting the The Sunflower Fund for information on how to become a bone marrow donor.

Many ‪‎Little Fighters‬ like Muhamad, need you ~ there are not nearly enough people registered on the South African Bone Marrow Registry! Less than 100 000 donors are currently registered, and the chance of a match is 1/100 000. Bone marrow is also quite selective, only donors from the same ethnic grouping as the patient can be a match!

In the words of one of our supporters, “May Allah grant him complete Shifaah and grant him and his family strength and sabr during this time Inshallah. Keep fighting Muhammad”

aunty Sue and co visiting MuhammadAunty Sue and the Team happened to be in PE at the time, doing a month-long ‪‎Child Cancer Awareness‬ drive and fundraising for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust

When they heard about Muhamad’s relapse, and that he was admitted to hospital on Sunday, our stunning Ladies decided to pop in and visit, delivering some toys to him, and groceries to mommy and daddy, in true LFCT spirit.

THANK YOU Sue and Team, for your love and dedication to LFCT and our ‪Little Fighters‬! We are SO proud of you and grateful for all you do for us. (Daddy asked for this photograph to be taken).

This message was received after their visit, and we share this with you as it comes from a father’s heart: ” Thank u so much mam for visiting my kid an thanx 4 groceries an thanx to all ur team that visited us, God bless u guys really, as much as i was beginning to give up, an there GOD, sends angels like u an ur team thanx

Farads Hussain, Muhamad’s father, placed this message on his Facebook Page last night: “What ever religion your are pls i ask of all in gods mercy to pls pray for my cancer kid he has relapsed after 3 an half years of chemo, he will be starting a new phase of chemo an aggressive chemo pls i dont know what this chemo will do to him he will be having 5 chemos in one week,pls all i ask u to do is pray over him in what ever language Muhamad Ebrahim is his name god bless an take care


Please continue to keep Muhamad and his Family in your hearts and prayers.


All of us here at the Little Fighters Cancer Trust  send tons of love and best wishes to Muhamad, and will once again walk the path with the family as they once again go through this ordeal.

🎈 Have a GREAT birthday, Muhamad!! 🎉 💖




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