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Earlier today I was going through Facebook, and a link to the post below came up in my feed.

Musings of an Onco Mom is a blog that Lisl, mother to Emma, has been posting to since July 2014, when Emma was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

If anyone wants to try to understand what a family goes through when a child is diagnosed with cancer, read through this heartfelt blog about Lisl’s fight with their daughter against Leukaemia as they go through the diagnosis, treatment, and time in hospital… you may just get a hint of what Childhood Cancer does to the child and the family. THIS is why Little Fighters Cancer Trust does what we do.

Today’s post by Lisl… on the 6th month anniversary of Emma’s passing… is about grief… about how one handles it when a child of yours dies…

This Grief Thing

Today marks six months since Emma died.

But to me it’s another day without her – one where I work through my grief just like I did yesterday and like I will do tomorrow. This grief thing, that no-one can define or put parameters to, that is unpredictable and unexpected and everywhere, and never. the. same.

Elisabeth KΓΌbler-Ross put together the five stages of grief in 1969 and since then our understanding of them has changed considerably. TheyΒ are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.”

Please read the rest of this article, and then read some of the other posts and you may just understand... just a little bit….


Our thoughts and love go out to Emma’s family today and every day.
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