As we gear up for Swim for Hope 2015, we would like to take a moment to introduce you to our brave and intrepid swimmers who are going to take on the 8km group swim around the iconic and breathtaking Cape Point.

The Cape Point rounding is widely regarded as one of the most extreme open water swims in the world.

The aim of the swim is to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust as well as Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Swimmers will go on standby on 15 March 2015 and the swim will be called 24 hours prior to the first suitable day.


Carina's Swim For Hope
Carina’s Swim For Hope

Carina Bruwer, Flautist and founder of the MTN SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC AWARD-winning instrumental pop band Sterling EQ, Carina Bruwer initiated Swim For Hope as a solo effort in 2013.

Carina made her mark on the open water & marathon swimming record books during 2004 – 2006, having completed and set new records for numerous internationally renowned ocean crossings including the English Channel, False Bay (both 36km), Gibraltar Straits (16km), as well as swims in Greece, USA and Italy, and various Robben Island crossings (7 – 10km), amongst others.

Carina initiated ‪SwimForHope‬ in 2013 and organises this epic event together with the Little Fighters Cancer Trust. She swims most of her International Swims as an extension of SwimForHope.

Carina has two young daughters, Milena and Italia.

Lindsay de Kock
Lindsay de Kock

Known as the “Swimming Granny” amongst her learners, children and grandchildren alike, Lindsay de Kock has numerous Robben Island crossings to her name, and partakes in just about every open water swimming race in the Western Cape and beyond. In short, where there is water, you will find Lindsay.

Lindsay is a part of the Midmar 8 mile club, and is also fit and ready for the Argus Cycle Tour and the Two Oceans Half!

She is also one of the few South African women to have successfully completed an ice mile.

Lindsay took part in ‪‎SwimForHope‬ 2014, and took quite a beating through the surf at Diaz Beach. However, this lady, who stands well respected in open water swimming circles for her tenacity and endurance, refused to give up, and can proudly add Cape Point to her swimming exploits.

When she is not in the pool or on the road, Lindsay teaches music at Somerset College and Somerset House.


Anthony Pearse
Anthony Pearse

Anthony Pearse is a local Cape Town boy who lives for water sports – Surf skiing, water polo, surf lifesaving and water skiing. He has completed five PE – East London Surfski Challenges.

Anthony absolutely blasted around Cape Point with Swim for Hope 2014, clocking an incredible time of 1h41!


Colin Gluch
Colin Gluch

Colin Gluch (or Snake van Wyk as he answers to best) is an engineer running a factory that manufactures machine parts used in the plastic, rubber and explosive industries, and lists Law or Literature as alternate career paths for next time round on this rock called earth!

As much as he loves snow skiing, he is now a regular extreme open water swimmer, having recently discovered the mesmerising nature of the open ocean. It was either that or stand-up comedy, but he chose the easier option!

For him, extreme open water swimming is the sport’s equivalent of going for a hike in the mountains and immersing yourself in nature.

Having recently swum from Clifton to Oceana to round off his first year and fifth extreme swim, Colin is looking forward to once again trading the inland bustle for the natural Cape beauty of Cape Point for a day! Besides two Robben Island to Big Bay crossings and the 2014 Swim for Hope around Cape Point, Colin has completed a Robben Island to Big Bay double crossing.

His two precious kids remain so impressed and inspired by his open water escapades that he wishes to continue instilling in them a sense of adventure, drive and passion.


Richard Child
Richard Child

With an English Channel crossing as well as a number of Robben Island swims to his name, 62 year-old Richard Child is no stranger to the sport of open water swimming and is a second-time around participant of this event.

This engineer who loves philosophy, arguing, and red wine, has been running his own manufacturing company making railway brakes for 28 years, and has no intention to retire from Johannesburg. Married to Val with 4 kids, 2 grandkids and a stupid but lovable Labrador, Oscar.


Toni Enderli
Toni Enderli

A seasoned long distance and cold water swimmer, Toni Enderli has an English Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, Double Alcatraz (San Franciso) and 14 Robben Island crossings to his name, amongst other big swims.

Toni took part in Swim for Hope 2014, and is ready for another Cape Point challenge.

To find happiness, fulfillment and value in living, I will seek out and experience all of the pleasures and joys that life has to offer. My core values are not limitations restraining me on this hedonistic quest for fun ~ rather, they provide a framework for identifying, pursuing and achieving those pleasures that last the longest and are the most satisfying.

I believe that the greatest joy of all is being worthy of the respect and admiration of family, friends and business associates.


Clinton Le Sueur
Clinton Le Sueur

41 year-old Clinton Le Sueur loves the outdoors – anything from rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking to surfing and swimming.

Clinton, who works in the wine industry as a winemaker and importer of high quality oak barrels for the production of premium wines, got back into swimming after a 20 year break from competitive swimming and was a Swim for Hope 2014 Swimmer.


Martin Vleggaar
Martin Vleggaar

Surfer, cold water swimmer, lifeguard and retired helicopter rescue swimmer – Martin Vleggaar’s life is based around the ocean.

He took part in 2014’s Swim for Hope as his “rehab swim”, following two operations in 2013 which forced him to put long swims on ice for over a year.

Martin, who co-owns a Spar in the northern suburbs of CT, spends his free time with his family; his wife and two young kids.


Maura Sanderoff
Maura Sanderoff

Maura Sanderoff is a Survivor and someone who has deep ties to the Deep South.

I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) at age 16 (long time ago 44 years) and thankfully survived all the treatments but did have to have my leg amputated. My love for the sea and swimming never faltered. As I grew up in Simon’s Town and both my father and father-in-law were buried at sea off False Bay, I somehow feel so connected to Cape Point so it’s a dream I am able to attempt this swim at my grand age of 60!


Anthony Sellmeyer
Anthony Sellmeyer

Anthony Sellmeyer has done 48 Robben Island crossing since he started open water swimming in 1988 and is hoping to achieve his 50th sometime this year. He got into open water swimming after running many marathons, 7 Two Ocean runs and 14 Argus Cycle Tours, but his hip had packed up and he had a hip replacement so was limited to swimming.

Anthony has been a committee member on the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association for more than 20 years and has encouraged many swimmers to get into open water swimming and to swim Robben Island, Simonstown to Muizenberg and Cape Point and various other swims recognised by CLDSA.

Anthony has also been instrumental in keeping the records up to date and have done extensive research into long distance swimming in South Africa to produce a book every so often to keep the record of swims and swimmers up to date.

(Anthony on the far left in the photograph )


Charl Cilliers
Charl Cilliers

Charl Cilliers (45) has actively participated in numerous sports before falling in love with swimming in 2007.

These include being a Navy diver in Simonstown during the late 80s, and canoeing (he completed Bergrivier Marathons, Breede- Fish and Orange Rivers), surf skiing (highlights include Cape Point marathons and Knysna to Sedgefield), running (Two Oceans and Comrades marathons) and cycling (Argus Cycle Tour).

Open water swimming highlights includes Robben Island to Oceana (11,5km) in 2013.


Brenton Williams
Brenton Williams

Jeffreys Bay swimmer Brenton Williams has completed a number of unprecedented butterfly swims, including a Cape Town to Robben Island swim, as well as a 17 Km swim in Marina Martinique during December 2012.

He has also completed the gruelling Deep Blue Invitational swim in St Helena Bay doing only butterfly, as well as the Bell Buoy Challenge in Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth), and was the first person ever to fly around Cape St. Francis in 2014, as an Alternative Swim for Hope.

Brenton will be flying Cape Point as part of the 2015 Team, and if successful, this will be the first time ever Cape Point will be rounded in butterfly stroke.


Theodore Yach
Theodore Yach

Theodore Yach (57) lives in several parallel universes simultaneously. From negotiating leases with SA and international corporates and facilitating developments in his role as Cape Town Acquisitions partner at Zenprop – SA’s premier property development and investment company to being married for 30 years to Michelle and proud father to sons, David and Daniel.

Theodore is equally at home in the oceans. He has completed 87 Robben Island to Mainland swims – no wetsuits! ; an English Channel crossing in 1996 and swum lengthwise across the Sea of Galilee as a solidarity swim with Israel in 2014 and many other swims as well including the Cape Point swim in 2013.

He is looking forward to being a part of this group and to contributing to this great cause.


Kiki Marx
Kiki Marx

Karon (Kiki) Marx is 45 and an anaesthetist in Johannesburg. She has always loved the sea and swimming, and completing her first Robben Island crossing in 2013 was a huge personal achievement for her.

I’m adventurous and have been TG healthy enough to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and the Otter Trail in the last 3 years. Health and patient care are my passion, so the chance to do the swim for such a wonderful cause is an honor and a privilege.


Johan Wegner
Johan Wegner

Johan Wegner (48) lives in Panorama, Cape Town. He is in a family business with two of his brothers, Karel and Ad Wegner, and he is Head of Operations for Getwine.co.za, an online business that sells wines to the end consumers across South Africa.

Johan has been married to Dorita for 24 years  and they have two daughters; Tia and Geena. Apart from swimming, Johan also loves mountain biking, camping, food and wine… in no particular order.

The Cape Point swim has always been high up on his bucket-list and he’s looking forward to being a part of this fantastic group and to contributing to this great cause.


Neil Ralphs
Neil Ralphs

Neil Ralphs (41) is the owner of an Advertising and Retail Display business in Johannesburg – C4 Direct Marketing. He is a fan of anything to do with water, including Scuba diving and swimming. The open water bug bit in 2011 with the completion of his first Robben Island crossing.

Neil completed another Robben Island event in 2012, and has also done other cold water and open water events over the last few years.

The euphoric feeling of cold water swimming has been something I have grown to love and look forward to another challenge in completing the Cape Point Swim, and contributing to an amazing cause.


Kendal Wright
Kendal Wright

Kendal Wright is an 18-year-old boarder doing grade 12 at Grey High School in PE. He resides on a farm near St Francis Bay.

Kendal swam his first open water race (1 km) in the Ocean Racing Series at Hobie beach in PE. He was 10 years old at the time. He has swum the Sabrina Love race (2012) at Plettenberg Bay, three consecutive bell Buoy Challenge races and numerous races at Marina Martinique in Jeffreys Bay including 2 Cold Water Classic races.

Kendal completed the 3 km swim at the Deep Blue Invitational held at St Helena Bay on the west coast at 11deg C. He was also the youngest swimmer (15 years) to complete the 5 km Shipwreck swim held on 2 December 2012 in 11ºC water along the Blouberg coastline in Cape Town.

In 2013, (still aged 15) he completed his first Robben Island crossing from RI to Big Bay. Kendal, together with two other swimmers, became the first people to swim 8 km around Cape St. Francis and Shark Point in April 2014 in 3 hours 38 minutes.

He has a number of ambitions in open water swimming and the Cape Point swim is one of them. Mid April he will be doing his second RI crossing and he is looking forward to that.

He is not a fast swimmer but his endurance and seemingly ability in really cold water stands him in good stead for many achievements in the future.

 Thank you to Lindsay de Kock and Winpak for your kind donations toward Swim for Hope 2015.


Corporates as well as members of the public are encouraged to sponsor and donate, via “BackaBuddy”.

Corporate sponsors can contact Little Fighters Cancer Trust directly on 073 729 6155 or mandie@littlefighters.org.za for organisational information such as taxation and BEE benefits, as the organisation is a registered NPO with PBO status.

One of the videos from Swim for Hope 2014

Toni Enderli Swim For Hope Cape Point 2014 for Little Fighters

Published on Mar 25, 2014

All fourteen swimmers who participated in the Swim For Hope — an extreme open water swim around Cape Point — successfully complete the 8km swim, while both the male and female records for the route were broken.

The Cape Point rounding, which is widely regarded as one of the most extreme open water swims in the world, was done in support of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, a local charity that offers support to children with cancer and their families. The group entered the water at Diaz Beach just after 09:00, having to negotiate a heavy surf before heading towards the point through rough waters ranging between 12.5 and 16 degrees Celsius.

The swim was carried out in accordance with open water and English Channel swimming rules: only a single swimsuit (no wetsuit), cap and goggles may be worn, and swimmers have to start and end on land without ever making physical contact with any members of the support crew or the boat.

Anthony Pearse was the first swimmer to finish in a time of 1h41, taking 21 minutes of the previous record which was jointly held by himself and UK swimmer Ned Denison. Carina Bruwer shaved 2 minutes off her 2004 female record time, finishing in a time of 2h18.


sms poster

All moneys raised will go towards the Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s BAGS OF HOPE Project.

A bag of hope provides essentials for both the Child with Cancer and his/her mother or bedside care-giver, with items such as toiletries, pyjamas, non-perishable food, educational toys, blankets and sanitary products, making a challenging and prolonged hospital stay just a bit more comfortable.

LFCT is operational in 11 main Paediatric Oncology Treatment Centres throughout South Africa, including the Western Cape, Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Free State.


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