✨Foodie Friday✨ Quick ‘n Easy Recipes
shallow focus photography of several pizzas

With summer on our doorstep in South Africa, and school holidays, the Festive Season and loads of visitors also just around the corner, the last thing one needs as the parent of a Child with Cancer who is struggling to eat, is to spend loads of time in the kitchen trying to find something to […]

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✨Foodie Friday✨ Pass da Pasta
pasta with vegetable dish on gray plate beside tomato fruit on white table

We have decided to bring back what was once a very popular feature on our old blog – Our Foodie Friday Recipes! Every Friday we will post easy recipes for the harried onco mom to make for her child with cancer – recipes that are not difficult, are aimed at tittilating those chemo-affected tastebuds, and which are also very nutritional for a child with cancer so that they can build up their immune system. Enjoy!

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Patients with Cachexia need Nutritional Support

Anorexia is a common symptom in patients with cancer, which can lead to poor tolerance of treatment and can contribute to cachexia (weakness and wasting of the body due to severe chronic illness) in extreme cases. Currently, there are no instruments that measure common concerns specifically associated with anorexia and cachexia in children with cancer. […]

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Financial Donations Urgently Needed for Xmas Family Food Parcels

Hi Folks, We are getting some food donations in but also need financial donations so that we can buy FRESH veggies etc, to go with the Food Parcels. 🌽🥕🥦🍅🍗🥩🍼🥔   We need donations to be in by the 8th December to enable us to purchase and pack and send goods out by the 12th December.   […]

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Nutrition Vital for People with Cancer

Good nutrition plays a vital role during cancer treatment and must therefore play an important part in any overall treatment plan. The food we eat has a daily impact on our health; increasing our energy levels and supporting our immune system among other benefits. Eating a healthy, minimally processed, plant-based diet not only benefits your […]

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