Every Cent we do not have to pay for services can be turned into a Rand we can use for assisting a child with cancer and/or his/her family.

Operational Services

This will be services and time donated directly to the efficient running of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust. We are currently in need of the following services:

  • Graphic Designing
  • IT assistance
  • Marketing
  • Printing
  • Branding
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Flights (mileage tickets) and Accommodation
  • Photographers
  • Videographers

Direct Family Assistance

Families are emotionally and financially traumatised by a child’s cancer diagnosis. Simple little things, like having the lawn mowed or house cleaned while the mother is in the hospital with the child, even a warm casserole delivered to their home every now and again, will make an immeasurable difference to a family who is trying to keep everything together, but who feels helpless, tired and broken.

Some services we could use to the benefit of our childhood cancer families are:

  • Home Schooling of the child with cancer when not able to attend classes
  • Garden Services
  • House cleaning services
  • Beauty Salon treats for mothers
  • Hair salons to sponsor family haircuts
  • Accommodation for short getaways when the child is not in hospital
  • Nursing assistance, in the case of palliative home care
  • Qualified child psychologists and Grief Counselors

Hospital Ward Services

Some of the paediatric oncology wards which we include in our hospital ward projects would gladly allow some of the following, if arranged via the Little Fighters Cancer Trust in advance and according to ward procedures and rules:

  • Massage therapists who would be willing to spend a few hours doing head, neck and back massages for parents who sit in uncomfortable chairs for months at end, to be with their child
  • Hair stylists who would be willing to blow dry hair of parents as a treat, during an extended stay in hospital. You know the saying, “A new hairstyle is like a holiday”.
  • Commitment to providing tea, coffee and small edibles, such as filling sandwiches, to the parents who stay in the ward for long periods, on a regular basis.