When the Little Fighters Cancer Trust does Hospital Ward Based Projects, we extend our projects to 14 Paediatric Oncology Hospital Wards across South Africa. On the day of project implementation, we provide to every child and every parent in that specific ward on the day. NO EXCLUSIONS.

This is why every Little Fighters Cancer Trust Hospital Ward Based project reaches between 700 and 800 children with cancer. We also arrange deliveries for days on which the Hospitals have their weekly outpatient clinics, so that we can reach even MORE children with cancer.

We need hoarders. Project Volunteers who would work with us, to collect what we need in product, according to the specific lists we will provide.

We do not distribute any second-hand goods, as children with cancer have very low immune systems, and we are not willing to deliver a risk to a paediatric oncology ward.

Therefore, Project Volunteers will utilise their churches, schools, sporting clubs, friends circles, families and businesses, to assist us in collecting product and raising support for the following projects:

Share the Warmth  Project = Warm NEW Clothing, shoes, blankets

Bag of Hope  Project = Wide variety of products

Christmas Elf  Project = Christmas presents for our Beneficiaries and their siblings

Mother’s Day Project = Flowers, Cards, Small presents, etc.

Family Care Packages Project  = Non-perishable food, cleaning materials, toiletries etc.

 *****Please ensure you work according to our very specific lists. Goods received which we are not able to use for Children with Cancer will be re-donated to other worthy Community Programs and Charities*****