Fundraising is an integral part of keeping the Little Fighters Cancer Trust going. However, as with anything where money is involved, we have strict measures in place to ensure that donated funds reaches the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

We do not acknowledge or promote fundraisers which have not been organised as set out below. Too often, in charity, fundraisers are held, even without the knowledge of an organisation that is supposedly the beneficiary having any knowledge whatsoever and without the funds reaching the charity.

Let’s do this the right way. Or not at all. No amount of money in the World is worth it if our reputation is tarnished by the public not having surety that all is above-board. We trust you will fully understand this sentiment, and have respect for our wanting to guarantee public monies reach the beneficiaries, as intended.

IF you should become aware of a fundraiser to which our name is connected, and the organiser cannot provide you with an official Letter of Authorisation, please alert us immediately on 073 729 6155.

Here are a few examples of how you can raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust. Please ensure that you read and understand the processes.

Detailed below are just a few examples of the most popular ways to raise funds for the Little Fighters cancer Trust. However, we realise that there are about as many ideas out there as there are willing volunteers!


Raffles are a great way to generate funds, especially if one can get some great prizes donated.

They do need one to put in a bit of effort to sell tickets, but if done right can raise quite a lot of funds.

If you would like to run a raffle as a fundraiser for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, please follow these steps:

  • You will be issued with a Letter of Authorisation, giving you permission to host the raffle. This will also explain the Section 18A and BEE score benefits to prize sponsors, if you still need to source the prizes. Your Letter of Authorisation will also detail the date on which the raffle draw will be done, and can include sponsor logo’s and more.
  • We will provide you with official Little Fighters Cancer Trust raffle books. These are the ONLY raffle books to be used.
  • A Letter of Understanding will be drawn up, and signed by yourself and the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, detailing that you take full responsibility for the total financial value of the raffle books you receive.
  • Unsold tickets will be returned to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.
  • The amount raised and the amount of tickets sold must correspond.
  • NO raffle ticket payments are to be made into your personal bank account. Cash payment for raffle tickets are preferable, as our raffle ticket booklets will provide the purchaser with a receipt at the same time.

Fundraising Events

For example:, Lady’s Teas, Charity Auctions, Golf Days, Fashion Shows, Bake Sales….the possibilities are endless!

We are most appreciative of members of the public, who are willing to organise fundraising events on our behalf. We do have procedures in place, to ensure transparency, as we do with all issues financial.

The general public appreciates knowing that their kind donations and sponsorships reach the intended charity they choose to support, and we make this possible through the following processes:

  1. Please Contact Us to submit your fundraising idea to us
  2. Our Board of Trustees will look at the viability of the idea, and we will add our ideas, input and suggestions, if need be
  3. There will be a signed Letter of Understanding between yourself and the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.
  4. You will be issued with a formal Letter of Authorization, with the Board’s full support of your fundraising efforts. This letter will give your fundraiser credibility, and members of the public will have our direct contact details, should they have any inquiries.
  5. Your Letter of Authorization will also explain Section 18A Tax benefits and BEE score opportunities to your potential sponsors. Sponsors will receive the documentation directly from the Little Fighters Cancer Trust upon proof of sponsorship received, whether financial, or product.
  6. NO FUNDS for ANY fundraiser will be paid by members of the public into private bank accounts. If, for your fundraiser, you receive a financial sponsorship for costs, services, venues or products, the sponsor will pay the funds into the Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s bank account, and you will be required to forward an invoice to us for payment directly by the organization.
  7. We will promote fundraisers on all our social media platforms.
  8. Once the fundraiser has been completed, as per the aforementioned Letter of Agreement, you will be expected to provide the Little Fighters Cancer Trust with a full financial report of your fundraiser, detailing income, expenses deducted from income, provide invoices for these expenses as well as proof of payments, and the final amount raised and donated to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust will need to add up to the income less expenditure lay-out.
  9. These financial reports will be added to our annual financial audit, and will be handed over directly to our auditors.

Personal Effort Fundraisers

If you are passionate about running, cycling, climbing mountains or any other activity, why not utilise your efforts to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust? You would be amazed at how giving friends and family can be, when you dedicate your personal efforts to charity. You will also be amazed at how inspiring your knowledge of WHY you are taking part in an activity, can motivate you to push far beyond what you thought your own limits were.

We utilise TWO online fundraising platforms, which are safe, reputable and very user-friendly. You simply register (we are already fully linked to each of these platforms.)

Donations will be made via these platforms, and paid directly to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

You can share your fundraising profile on social media, or email the link to your email contacts. You can use the same profile for numerous events and efforts!

For South African Volunteers and Supporters

Follow these step by step instructions to create your own fundraising page on BackaBuddy:

1) Go to the BackaBuddy website
2) Click on ‘Champions’
3) Click on ‘Become a Champion’ (Registration page opens)
4) Insert First Name
5) Insert Last Name
6) Insert e-mail address
7) Confirm e-mail address
8) Insert a password
9) Confirm password
10) Tick/untick box for charity news
11) Insert your Page Name (eg ‘John’s ride for Glory’)
12) Insert your fundraising target (RXXXX)
13) Insert your text narrative/ description of your campaign/reasons for taking part.(NB text must end with a full stop..)
14) Select your Group from the drop-down menu, eg Little Fighters Argus Team
15) Select your Charity from the drop-down menu as Little Fighters Cancer Trust
16) Select the event from the drop-down menu, eg Pick n Pay Argus Cycle Challenge
17) Click on ‘Submit’
18) Await your ‘Activation’ e-mail

Note: access to your Champion’s page is via the ‘login’ box on the Backabuddy home page.You may amend the page information at any time. You may also upload a jpeg photo or logo to your page.

You may SHARE your page by clicking on the SHARE box on your page or simply by e-mailing your URL to friends and family around the world. Invite them to do the same, thus spreading the appeal as widely as possible.

Recipients of the appeal are able to click on the Instant DONATE NOW button embedded on every page and may donate using credit cards, PayPal, EFT, or cheque payments.

Should you require any further information, please e-mail them or call 087 551 4014

For International Volunteers and Supporters

Follow these step by step instructions to create your own fundraising page on JustGiving:

1. Click Get started on our homepage
2. Log into your JustGiving account via Facebook or by entering your email. If you haven’t set up an account yet, you’ll be given the chance to create one after you’ve entered your email
3. Search for LITTLE FIGHTERS CANCER TRUST as the cause you wish to support
4. Let us know what you’re doing to raise money. There are four choices to pick from – are you taking part in an Organised event (like a marathon), celebrating a Personal occasion, raising money In memory of someone or taking on your own Personal challenge?
5. If you’re taking part in an Organised event then search for and select your event
6. Finalise your selection by letting us know if you’re doing an event or challenge in memory of someone, if the charity is contributing to the cost of your fundraising, and if you’d like to stay up to date with all your charity’s and JustGiving’s news
7. Choose your JustGiving web address
8. Click Create your page
9. Job done! Your page is set up and ready to accept donations. Now you can start on the fun stuff – personalising your page and sharing it with your contacts.

If you need any assistance setting up your JustGiving fundraising for Little Fighters cancer trust page, please email with the charity that you’re raising money for and details of your event

 If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer for Little Fighters Cancer Trust, please complete the volunteer application form, stating which type of volunteering you are interested in doing.