There is not nearly enough Childhood Cancer Awareness
in South Africa! Have a look at the statistics below, and consider joining the Fight for Awareness

Less than a third of actual childhood cancer cases are diagnosed in South Africa annually.

This amounts to between at least 600 -700 diagnosed cases according to the South African Tumour Registry.

Worldwide, about 200 000 NEW cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed annually. 90% of which will be in Developing Countries, which includes South Africa.

It is expected that cancer incidences will escalate with 70% by 2020.

South Africa shares the success rate for childhood cancer treatment with other Developing Countries – 10-20% in comparison to that of the Developed Countries which have a success rate of 80-90%.

70% of ALL childhood cancers are 100% curable IF diagnosed in time

In South Africa, the majority of children who HAVE cancer are misdiagnosed, resulting in those children passing away without having had a Fighting chance.

A large percentage of the children in South Africa who ARE diagnosed annually, are diagnosed in the later stages of cancer. Many are diagnosed too late for any treatment options. Late diagnosis impacts the length and severity of treatment, and therefore directly impacts the physical and emotional trauma the child experiences.

Two thirds of children who survive cancer have long-lasting medical concerns. These include but are not limited to

  • Sight and hearing problems
  • Heart and lung problems
  • Learning and developmental difficulties
  • Sexual development and reproductive problems
  • Breathing and digestive problems: and
  • Dental problems.

Awareness therefore is key to early diagnosis, which will impact the childhood cancer survival rate in South Africa, as well as childhood cancer survivor’s lives thereafter.

Who can become an Awareness Drive Volunteer?

Any individual or grouping of individuals who share a passion and who would be willing and able to mobilise awareness in their community, whether it be with a reach of 5 people, hundreds of people or thousands.

Childhood Cancer Awareness is

1.Dispelling the myths surrounding childhood cancer, such as:

  • Children don’t get cancer;
  • Only children from certain races are at risk of getting cancer;
  • Only children from certain economical groups get cancer.

Other myths include the misconception that all tumours are cancerous, that cancer is contagious or that childhood cancer is inherited only.

2. Educating both the public and medical professionals in South Africa on the Early Warning Signs of childhood cancer

Awareness = Early Diagnosis = Saved Lives

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, please contact us, stating which type of volunteering you are interested in doing.