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The Only Arms That Can Reach Everywhere Are Those Of The Community!
Every day the Little Fighters Cancer Trust gets loads of phone calls, e-mails and enquiries on our Facebook Page from individuals who want to know how they can help us to help our Little Fighters and their families.
We really appreciate all the offers and enquiries, but we cannot always get to them as we are only 3 full-time staff who have a mountain of things to do, so we have made it very easy for you to offer help…
Like any NGO, we survive on donations, all of which (and more) are desperately needed to do whatever we can for our Little Fighters and their Families, so we definitely do need as many volunteers as possible.
Unfortunately most people want to work directly with the children, but this is not possible most of the time as the hospitals have major red-tape about visitors to the paediatric oncology wards – and for good reason – primarily that these Little Fighters all have impaired immune systems and the slightest infection could mean disaster for them.
We do, however have many other forms of volunteerism, and if you would like to help please look through the descriptions of the volunteers that we do need and see which would suit you.

Once you have decided which type of volunteer post would suit you, e-mail us with that information in the title, e.g.  “Awareness Drive Volunteer Offer” and we will gladly send you all the necessary information.
Here are some ideas on how you can volunteer to help!

Our Definition of a VOLUNTEER

An individual that actively takes on a task, utilising his/her talents and abilities to make a difference in the lives of others. Volunteering is a personal choice; often a decision fueled by a personal connection to a specific cause, and does not require recognition, or financial reward.

Our Definition of a CONTRIBUTION

Any result of selfless giving to the best of one’s personal capacity. There is no such thing as a SMALL contribution. A contribution made from the Heart is never small.


The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is thankful for the amazing amount of public inquiries into a Volunteer Program. The willingness of individuals to give of their time and talents for the benefit of our organisation, and the work we do, is incredible.
We offer individualised and practical Support to Children with Cancer and their Families across South Africa. We do so with a permanent staff of 3 people, and incredible Representatives, who work on a voluntary basis for us, implementing hospital-based projects and Family Support, when we are unable to be there ourselves.
Our Representatives have all been involved with the Little Fighters Cancer Trust in some way, for some period of time. Many are mothers of children who fought cancer, or even young adults, who are childhood cancer survivors. We are honoured that families who have first-hand experience of childhood cancer and its effects choose to be involved with the Little Fighters cancer trust as their charity of choice. It strengthens our belief that what we do, and the way in which we do it, is RIGHT.
If you should choose to become a Little Fighters Cancer Trust Volunteer, you will work closely with our Representative closest to where you live.
The LFCT Volunteer Program, as with the Support we offer to children with cancer and their families, is very much individualised. We realise that every person has different talents and interests, and we would like for our Volunteers to be passionate in what they do for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, by using what they are passionate about in Life.

Please Read The Following Very Carefully If You Are Considering Becoming An LFCT Volunteer

We work very hard to maintain good relationships with all the Paediatric Oncology Hospital Wards we are active in. Yes, it would be most people’s dream to spend one-on-one time with the children in the hospital wards. However, there is a LIMIT to the amount of activity which can take place in hospital wards, and the amount of people we can take into the ward, when implementing a project.
The main concern is that children under treatment for cancer have extremely low immune systems. The more contact they have with people, the higher the risk of infection. If one child in an oncology ward develops an infection, it could spread to the entire ward, lengthening the hospital stay, emotional and physical trauma, and influencing the child’s well-being tremendously.
Inclusion in hospital based projects therefore, is extremely limited and cannot be guaranteed.

As an LFCT Volunteer, we need your hands, your time, your skills,
and your willingness to DO what and where we cannot.


We have the following volunteer opportunities where you can make a tangible and lasting difference:


Fundraising Volunteers

Fundraising is an integral part of keeping the Little Fighters Cancer Trust going.There as about as many ideas out there as there are willing volunteers! Read more to see just some of the ways in which you can fundraise for Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

Networking Volunteers

Everyone knows someone who knows someone…that is just how life works. Read more to see just some of the ways in which you can network for Little Fighters Cancer Trust

Services Volunteers

meals on wheels
Services Volunteers are required to donate of their time and talents. This includes Operational Services provided to LFCT, Direct Family Assistance & Hospital Ward Services. Read more to see just some of the ways in which you can put your talents and time to good use for Little Fighters Cancer Trust

Project Volunteers

Project Volunteers collect what we need in product, according to the specific lists provided. Read more to see just some of the ways in which you can become a Project Volunteer for Little Fighters Cancer Trust

 Awareness Drive Volunteers

Childhood Cancer Awareness Volunteers will raise awareness about Childhood Cancer, dispel the many myths that surround it and create awareness around the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer. Read more to see just some of the ways in which you can spread awareness about Childhood Cancer.

Special Events Volunteers

Special Events Volunteers will step in and be our hands in helping with organising special events like Birthday Parties, Mother’s Day events etc. Read more to see just some of the ways in which you can organise special events for Little Fighters Cancer Trust
Once you have decided which type of volunteer post would suit you, please e-mail  with that information in the title, e.g.  “Awareness Drive Volunteer Offer” and we will make sure that you are e-mailed the relevant information asap.

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Little Fighters Cancer Trust salutes all our Volunteers!


Leave us a comment so that we can see whether we are delivering relevant information or not, and please share our posts :-D

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