We have decided to resurrect Wishlist Wednesday, and today we are wishing for a massive donation of warm snuggly blankets for our Children with Cancer for our annual Get WRAPPED Project which in now in its 5th year!
No child should have to go without decent bedding and a nice soft warm blanket to keep them warm in the cold winter months, let alone a child Fighting Cancer with all their might. Children undergoing chemotherapy treatment also get very cold during the treatment and it is terrible to see them shivering and shaking from cold.
The Little Fighters Cancer Trust asks for donations of new, preferably soft (for the children’s sensitive skins due to some of the treatment regimens) single bed blankets to keep our Little Fighters warm.
Only new blankets are accepted due to the compromised immune systems of our Little Fighters.

A Child needs to be wrapped warmly against the cold realities of Life, and even more so when one of those realities is dealing with Childhood Cancer and the treatments for it. 

One of the side effects of Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy is feeling very cold, so a nice warm “blankie” will go far to make a Child with Cancer feel secure and warm during and after treatments.

The only arms which can reach everywhere are those of the Community, so in the run-up up to winter, let’s make it warm, safe and filled with love for Children with Cancer across our Land.


The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to deliver blankets to every Little Fighter and their bedside carer in the following hospitals with which we work:

  1. Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Cape Town
  2. Tygerberg Hospital Paediatric Oncology, Cape Town
  3. Provincial Hospital Paediatric Oncology, Port Elizabeth
  4. Albert Luthuli Central Hospital x 2 wards, Durban
  5. Greys Hospital Paediatric Oncology, Pietermaritzburg
  6. Universitas, Paediatric Oncology, Bloemfontein
  7. Steve Biko Paediatric Oncology, Pretoria
  8. UNITAS, Paediatric Oncology, Pretoria
  9. Charlotte Maxeke Padiatric Oncology, Johannesburg
  10. Wits Donald Gordon, Paediatric Oncology, Johannesburg

We provide the bedside carers with blankets as well because some of these Mothers or Gogos come from very far (often rural areas), and sit (and sleep) for months on end at their Little Fighter’s bedside with barely sufficient clothes to keep them warm let alone a nice warm blanket.
The Little Fighters Cancer Trust delivers these lovely warm blankets to the Little Fighters in the Paediatric Oncology Wards on Outpatient Clinic Days so that we can reach even more Little Fighters who have come in for tests or treatment with these much-needed blankets.
The Little Fighters Cancer Trust also supports many Childhood Cancer-affected Families over and above our Hospital Support Project on an ongoing basis, and we therefore also strive to ensure that every one of our Little Fighters and their Families will sleep warmly this winter.

Our Target this year is 2 500 blankets!!


How You Can Help

1. Buy and donate a new, warm blanket (Most shops have Specials on)
2. Inspire your friends and family to buy and donate new, warm blankets and collect from them
3. Host a GET WRAPPED BLANKET DRIVE at work or school
4. Get your Company on board to purchase and donate new, warm blankets
5. SHARE this blog post on social media, email it, print it out and post it at your work or school…NETWORK it for us!
6. Make a financial contribution so that we can go out and buy what we need

Bank Details

Account Holder: Little Fighters Cancer Trust
Bank: FNB Paarl Mall
Account No: 62380183013
Branch code: 250057
Swift code for international donations: FIRNZAJJ
Trust Reg No: IT2817/2010

PayPal – Donations

Mobile Donations

** Please reference all financial donations with BLANKETS **

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