The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to thank every one of our Donors, Supporters, Christmas Elves, Ambassadors, Volunteers & Staff for everything that YOU have done to make our Christmas Elf Project happen this year.
We had some pretty insurmountable hurdles to overcome, and while LFCT was not able to deliver our normal Christmas Elves Project, and we realise that some of our supporters are disappointed, we did manage to give many Little Fighters presents and snack-packs, and every one of our most vulnerable Families did receive a Family Festive Food Box and every one of the Little Fighters and their Siblings received a fantastic present.

Thanks to your donations and thanks to #KargoInternational, there will be Joy and Feasting in all our Registered Little Fighter Families this Festive Season.

I would personally like to send out a MASSIVE Thank You to Team LFCT!!

To Nickey, Tiema & Eric at the Office, without whom none of this would have happened – they really pulled it together to get all of the presents and food etc packed and ready for collection under VERY stressful conditions, and when Kargo could only come and collect after office hours on Wednesday Tiema and Nickey stayed late and even helped load the trucks. THANK YOU!!! Enjoy your holidays, you really deserve them after this very difficult year!!!
To Sumien, the wife of one of our Trustees, we also send out a very big Thank You for volunteering and acting as the Office Liaison, doing shopping, deliveries and wrapping the presents etc – we could not have done it without your help.
To Willeen, another of our Trustee’s wives, who also pitched in and drove back and forth doing shopping, collecting food and more… Thank You, we really appreciate your help.
To Katrin, our Representative in the North (Jhb area) THANK YOU for always being there for LFCT and going out of your way for our Little Fighters. We really DO appreciate everything that you do! <3 <3
To Vassie, our Representative in Durban, THANK YOU for always doing what is needed for LFCT and going out of your way for our Little Fighters. We deeply appreciate everything that you do! <3 <3


To everyone – I wish you a wonderful Festive Season as you take your break as of tomorrow – enjoy!! Rest up because next year is gonna be SOMETHING!!!

See you on the  10th of January 2018.


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