We are desperate for NEW winter footwear and clothing for our Little Fighters and unfortunately the response has been absolutely minimal so far.
We have close to 15 000 followers and a reach of over 50 000 people weekly!! If just 10% would purchase JUST ONE item each we would more than make our target :'(
Every year the Little Fighters Cancer Trust aims to provide around 2 000 Children with Cancer with warm clothing, scarves,gloves, mittens, socks and shoes before the winter cold sets in, and this is for a VERY good reason.
Most of our Childhood Cancer Families cannot afford to purchase new clothing and due to weight loss or gain as a result of the treatment it is often necessary. It is absolutely vital that a Child with cancer keep warm at all times because the cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy lower white blood cell count.
White blood cells are the body’s weapons against infection; having a low white blood cell count weakens the cancer patient’s immune system. If treatment has lowered your child’s white blood cell count, that may explain why they feel cold. Platelets are one of the three kinds of blood cells that circulate oxygen throughout the body. If one does not have enough of them, one’s body cannot get enough oxygen, which means one can develop anemia-which causes one to feel cold, among other things.

Why does Chemotherapy Make White Blood Cell Counts Drop?

Think of chemotherapy as a smart bomb: It only targets certain types of cells, particularly those that grow and divide rapidly. That means it targets tumour cells, but it also means that white blood cells, which are produced in the bone marrow and have a rapid turnover rate, can be damaged as well. White blood cell counts, sometimes called leukocyte counts, drop with most chemo drugs. Neutrophils, which are a specific type of white blood cell, are the most potent disease fighters.
Blood flow gives one that feeling of warmth throughout your body, so if your child is feeling cold, it could be that their blood is not circulating as efficiently as it should. Thyroid conditions can sometimes cause this – the thyroid is responsible for releasing a hormone that’s used in regulating the body’s use of energy and vitamins. If your child’s body is not producing enough of that hormone, they may feel cold. According to research done at the University of Maryland Medical Center, some drugs used in chemotherapy, like Sunent or Gleevec, can cause or worsen hypothyroidism.

Chills due to Weight-loss from Treatments

Body size and shape affect how one responds to cold climates. If one has lost a lot of weight through cancer treatment, it could make one feel colder. If you’r child has lost both fat and muscle during their treatment, they have given up a significant portion of their insulation, and their body will respond by feeling colder.
When it gets cold, the human body gradually goes into survival mode, blood vessels narrow in order to maintain body heat and our extremities start to suffer. Our metabolism speeds up and we shiver. When it is very cold the body focuses on just keeping the brain, heart and other vital organs functioning at a cost to the rest of the body.
In a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Kathleen M. Kokolus and team also found that a cold environment alters how cancer cells grow and metastasize (spread) in mice. They also found that several types of cancers developed more rapidly and started spreading earlier and more aggressively in the colder environment.
Treatment can affect body temperature, as most cancer patients and survivors will agree.
These coping techniques could help:

  • Get used to wearing layers; wear light long underwear under your clothes, and take an extra sweater or jacket with you wherever you go. (Nothing beats wool for real warmth!)
  • Consider also stocking up on hats, scarves, and gloves. Silk socks under your regular socks can help keep your feet warm during cold days.
  • Wear socks and gloves to bed if it makes you more comfortable. You can also try a warm foot bath before bed.
  • Take a personal heater with you to work.
  • Consider getting an electric blanket or electric throw for snuggling in your bed or living room.


 We Need YOUR help NOW!!

PLEASE help us to provide our Little Fighters with warm winter footwear and winter clothing by Donating/Collecting NEW Shoes & NEW Warm Winter Clothing and/or donating financially so as to enable us to purchase the right sizes in bulk at a discount.

Needs for this project include:

  • Donations of new shoes, slippers, boots for boys, girls and teenagers of both sexes
  • Winter Fleecy Tops: Boys and Girls, Sizes: 2-3 years; 4-5 years; 6-7 years; 8-9 years, 9-10 years
  • Winter Long Pants: Boys and Girls, Sizes: 2-3 years; 4-5 years; 6-7 years; 8-9 years, 9-10 years
  • Warm Jackets: Boys and Girls, all sizes
  • Long Sleeved T-Shirts: Boys and Girls, Sizes: 2-3 years; 4-5 years; 6-7 years; 8-9 years, 9-10 years
  • Warm Winter Pantyhose for Girls, Sizes: 2-3 years; 4-5 years; 6-7 years; 8-9 years, 9-10 years
  • Winter Vests: Boys and Girls, All Sizes
  • Long-Johns and Tights: Boys and Girls, All Sizes
  • Winter Skirts for Girls, Sizes: 2-3 years; 4-5 years; 6-7 years; 8-9 years, 9-10 years
  • Pajamas: Boys and Girls, all Sizes
  • Socks: Boys and Girls, all Sizes
  • Panties for girls, underpants for boys, sizes: 2-3 years; 4-5 years; 6-7 years; 8-9 years, 9-10 years
  • Tracksuits: Boys and Girls, all Sizes

All of the above in small, medium and large, for our Teenage Cancer Fighters


The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is a registered NPO with PBO status. This affords private and corporate donors the taxation benefits as set out in Section 18A.
BEE score points are also accumulated.
Trust Reg No: IT2817/2010
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PBO No: 930037657


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