Right! So now that this controversial headline has got your attention… please read on as to why….
Today the World is celebrating the Madiba Centenary – the theme of this year’s Mandela Day Celebrations is meant to reflect on the legacy of Madiba by cementing a culture of volunteerism. The hashtag for this year is #actionagainstpoverty.
There are so many initiatives again this year, such as the “Initiative to feed millions for Mandela Day” being run by Pick ‘n Pay and FoodForward South Africa, the aim of which would be to collect 250 tonnes of food over three days to provide over a million meals…
This is all good and well, and well done to them, BUT…
I liked and respected Nelson Mandela, but I do not believe in “Mandela Day” or “16 Days of Activism to oppose Violence Against Women” or any of those “annual commemorative movements” or whatever one wishes to call them and this is why….

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust believes in making every day a Mandela Day!
While these initiatives are excellent, LFCT works with beneficiaries who are surviving below the breadline while experiencing the worst battle of their lives – dealing with Child Cancer –  and one of our Priorities is to ensure that these vulnerable families at least have food in their homes…
Our Family Care Packages and our Bags of Hope are extremely important,vital and most appreciated by our beneficiaries but are also our most expensive projects and we desperately need Financial Donations as well as Product Donations in order to continue to “Make Every Day a Mandela Day” for these most vulnerable Families.

I recently delivered some frozen foods to a local family and as is our wont, chatted for a while… just checking in as to how things are going (their 4 yr old is terminal) and whether there was anything else we could do to help… the response made me swallow very hard in order not to burst into tears…

Little Fighters is doing so much already and we are SO grateful for the Care Packages you send us… it is always so exciting to receive and open a package…. and the TOOTHPASTE!!” she said with tears in her eyes.

WOW!!! It is so humbling and so incredibly sad when a grown person can be so emotional about the gift of a tube of toothpaste…
THIS is what makes what we do SO important… what you and I take for granted… having sufficient food, cleaning products, and personal hygiene products at our disposal…
For a family that is fighting Childhood Cancer, anything other than what their child needs to help in the battle is secondary and cleaning products (absolutely imperative so that the child can live in hygienic conditions due to an impaired immune system), and personal hygiene products are just not on the shopping list as there is no money for them (and often very little money even for food)!!!
SO, If you really want to make a REAL DIFFERENCE – from your heart – and not just to be seen to be doing something one day a year – do so by supporting a Non-Profit Public Benefit Organisation that deals with #LifeThreateningPoverty #VulnerableChildren #CancerHeroes EVERY DAY, and support the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

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