Good Day Family,

Happy New Year to you all – May 2019 bring us all that we need….

May this year give you the opportunity to follow your dreams ~ love like there is no tomorrow and smile unconditionally.

While most people have been on leave, I have been working quietly in the background staying in touch with our Families, following and reporting on our EPIC Motorised Bicycle Tour (full post to follow soon… here’s a little “teaser

Person Biking: Medium-Dark Skin TonePerson Biking: Medium Skin Tone

Jason Doyle aka “CrazyNomad” and Tony Visser rode 60cc motorised bicycles from Melrose Arch in Johannesburg to Cape Town to raise funds for US!!! The trip took a few days longer than expected due to various mishaps, but they MADE it!!! They met wome wonderful peeps along the way, raised loads of funds and spread Childhood Cancer Awareness in the most out of the way little dorpies along the way….

We will be doing a full blog post about this whole journey soon and Tony is also going to make a video of all the live vid he did along the way, including some none of us has seen yet…. woohooo!

Person Biking: Medium-Dark Skin TonePerson Biking: Medium Skin Tone

… and creating a brand new website for LFCT!!

The site is still a “work in progress” as with any new website… still updating info and sorting out all the links etc but all will be resolved very soon and in the meantime DO visit it and let us know what you think…. and if there is anything that you would like to see on our site.

Team LFCT has BIG Plans for this year – as you all know, last year we were basically a brand new team, so we had a lot to learn while still keeping things going – we survived the Baptism of Fire and are raring to go in 2019!

OK that’s all for now… speak soon Smiling Face With 3 Hearts  Face Blowing a Kiss


One thought to “Welcome to LFCT’s Brand New Website”

  • Elan

    Great site! Missing you at the old address but have now subscribed here so that I won’t miss any of your great posts! Nice to see you blog combined with your awesome site.
    Keep up the good work @ Little Fighters 👍🏽


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