@ the cold, wet , freezing, dark start of the run
@ the cold, wet, freezing, dark start of the run

Anna Jooste completed the first of her challenges yesterday ~ running for 12 hours straight and completing 100kms in aid of Little Fighters Cancer Trust and raising Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Anna, a Survivor herself, is set to do a few more runs over the next few months, but I am sure that none will be as freezing cold wet, and challenging as yesterday’s run up the West Coast was. Anna braved freezing cold weather and rain to not only complete the 80kms, but to continue to run for the full 12 hours.

The amount of respect that this diminutive Warrior Woman commands was clear yesterday when some of the other athletes pledged donations while they ran to keep her going! The organisers of the Orak 12 Hour Challenge also heard Anna’s story and continuously encouraged her over the loudspeakers.

If you would like to show your admiration for Anna’s dedication to raising funds for Childhood Cancer Awareness, please support her efforts by taking 5 minutes to make a donation @ Back-A-Buddy


Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to congratulate Anna on her awesome achievement, for sticking it out through the rain, the wind, the cold, the cramps and the spasms!  THANK YOU for your courage and your dedication to raising awareness for Childhood Cancer.


anna on a break smiling
Smiling all the way to gold

Anna, you are our Hero! YOU ROCK!!!

 A heartfelt thank you also goes out to Anna’s friend, Elna Smit and LFCT’s Thomas Engela who supported Anna from the sidelines, also braving the cold and rain for this WonderWoman!



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