Cancer, the dreaded “C” word. It has become such an epidemic in our society that people are loath to even mention its name, but we need to! We need to shout it from the rooftops and make it cower with our rage and run away from our love.

Cancer is a disease that is not fussy about who it visits; Cancer does not care if you are black or white, yellow or red, or purple with green spots – it sneaks up on you regardless of age or gender – a most unwelcome visitor…

One of the biggest problems with cancer is that it is not only the disease that is painful and destructive, but also the many way of treating it. Radiation Therapy may kill the cancer but is also dangerous for the body; Surgery can cause you to lose other faculties; Chemotherapy comes with many side effects too.

The many faces of this disease challenge an individual to show their fighting spirit and will to live, and this is never more evident than with Childhood Cancer where little bodies that are still growing and little minds that are still discovering the wonders of this world are ravaged by the “Big C”, yet our Little Fighters smile through their pain and their tears, Warriors One and All.

Walking On The Edge Of Life

Walking On The Edge Of Life

The world keeps moving forward
as time stands still for me,
I am the kid with Cancer,
locked in battle to be free.
For all us kids on chemo
our lives are put on hold,
As we fight to stay alive,
our chances good we’re told.
Our attitude is courage
we live this life each day,
Just waiting for tomorrow,
praying cancer goes away.
Walking on the edge of life
We’re never looking down,
United here in front of you,
until a cure is found.

©2007 By Lorna Mahan & Sinjin Andrukates

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