Some Quick Facts About Brain Cancer

  • Brain tumors are often difficult to diagnose because their signs and symptoms may mimic those of other disorders. Symptoms will also vary according to the exact location of the tumor.
  • Paediatric brain tumours are not the same as those in adults. Children’s brain tumours require specific research and different treatments.
  • Most brain tumours tend not to metastasise or spread to distant areas in other parts of the body outside the brain and/or spinal cord (CNS). They do, however, tend to recur locally, or spread to other areas of the CNS.

“Understanding Brain Tumours”Timothy Cloughesy, MD – University of California, Los Angeles Original Webcast: September 27, 2012 A full transcript of the Webinar can be accessed HERE

The above facts are even more reason why it is important to raise awareness by Going Grey for May!

Brain Cancer Warrior

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