Throwback Thursday will feature certain old posts that we feel need to be shared again, as many new followers will not go back to read all of the old posts.

Today we are re-posting a video of a song that was written for and performed for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, by Ashlee Hammond.

Ashlee dedicated this song to ALL the children with cancer, and hopes that she can bring them a message of hope, and of continuing the Fight.

While you watch this clip, and listen to Ashlee’s “Soldier In You”, please consider joining the Fight Against Childhood Cancer by supporting the Little Fighters Cancer Trust do what we do best – support Children with Cancer and their Families.

Visit our Get Involved Page to see how you can support LFCT in a variety of ways, visit Our Wishlist page, or donate financially:

cartoon of kids with please donate request

Bank Details

Account Holder: Little Fighters Cancer Trust
Bank: FNB Paarl Mall
Account No: 62380183013
Branch Code: 250057
Swift code for International Donations: FIRNZAJJ
Trust Reg No: IT2817/2010

PayPal – Donations

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