This young lad of a mere 9 years of age GETS IT!!!

He GETS what cancer is and does to a child, and this led him to perform one of the most unselfish acts I have ever seen….

During a hockey game, a very lucky young boy won a hockey stick that was signed by one of his idols, Tyler Myers, a defenseman for a popular hockey team.

The boy’s name is Keaton Hamin and he’s only 9 years old. When he received the stick, he couldn’t have been more happy, it was all he wanted.

But then, 7-year-old Alyx Delaloye rushed to check it out. As a hockey fan herself, she wanted an up-close look of the priceless gift the boy received.

What followed had everyone cheering.

Keaton Hamin, Little Fighters Cancer Trust salutes you for your compassion and unselfishness!soldier saluting

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