For many, a brain cancer diagnosis remains a death sentence. The life expectancy of those suffering from gliomas, the most common and most aggressive form of brain tumour, has changed little in 40 years.
On average, patients die within 9-12 months of receiving the diagnosis. Yet the most cruel aspect of this illness is the way it attacks individuals from within – steadily robbing them of their ability to perform basic tasks and making it increasingly difficult for them to interact with loved ones and the world around them.
Brain cancer alters personalities. It impairs mental functions, disrupts speech, paralyses limbs and, ultimately, leaves its victims with little freedom or dignity. It not only takes lives, it drastically reduces quality of life.
The Beer for Brains Foundation is an Arizona-based non-profit organisation of craft-beer lovers, distributors and brewers, who are committed to raising public awareness about brain cancer, Engendering Compassion for its victims and Helping Fund ground-breaking research leading to a cure.
The organisation believes in having fun while supporting a worthy cause and stages unique, large-scale craft-beer appreciation/fundraising events across the country, working independently or in partnership with breweries and local organisations.
The money raised currently goes to support the development of cutting-edge brain cancer research and treatment options GBM Agile. The GBM AGILE Global Team is creating a knowledge-based adaptive standing clinical trial (learning system) – that can identify more effective therapies faster and more efficiently – for the benefit of GBM patients.

Brain cancer is the second leading type of cancer in children under age 5 and the third-most common type in young adults.


It’s all in your mind. You can make it a good day or bad day. I choose to make every day a good day.”

Louis Dolgoff lost the first love of his life to brain cancer. He talks to Carey Pena about the loss, and finding a way to make sense of it all. He put his love and knowledge of craft beer to work, building the Beer For Brains Foundation.

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