Today the Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to honour the courage and giving attitude of several of our Childhood Cancer parents and grandparents whose Little Fighters gained their angel wings earlier this year.

These angels wish to remain anonymous, and, as always, we will respect their wishes, but we would still like to thank them…

These Families know what LFCT tries to do, and how we will go out of our way to help them wherever possible, and they know what it takes…

They know how expensive fighting cancer is… they now how difficult it is to make ends meet… they know what it means to not be able to give their other children because there just is no money… they know what it is like to not have food in the house…

They know the anguish of the fight against Childhood Cancer, a battle which most of them have spent months or even years fighting with and on behalf of their Child with Cancer… and losing…

What LFCT would like to honour is their thoughtfulness and altruism in donating clothing, toys and even furniture that their Childhood Cancer Angel no longer has need of to LFCT and/or to other Child Cancer-affected families via LFCT.

To all of our families who give back to help other families fighting the same battle your loved one lost, we admire the fact that, even in your grief, you can still think of others.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You – a million times THANK YOU!

And please remember, even though your loved one is no longer on this earth – you are still and always will be – members of OUR Family.

2 thoughts to “Thankful Thursday: Bereaved Onco-Parents Give Back

  • Rosemarie

    We have to thank LFCT for all their love, care and assistance. What you have written is so very true and we pray daily that you all will be Blessed. We want to keep in contact and so find out what we can do to assist. Thank you is too little a word to express our gratefulness for everything. We all stay part of the LFCT family. XXXXX Nicole’s Mom Reina, Sister Danielle and grandparents Rosemarie & Jan Slomp and rest of the close family. xxxxx

    • Billi_@ LFCT

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Rosemarie – you will always be part of the LFCT Family and I promise we will meet for “tee en koek” sometime <3


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