Once again our wonderful ladies from Klaradyn Retirement Village in Brackenfell, who tirelessly work together in a group called “Vlytige Hande” which loosely translates as “Diligent Hands” or “Industrious Hands” spent their time knitting and crocheting for various schools and organisations in the Brackenfell area.
Although the Little Fighters Cancer Trust is not situated in the area, we do work with Little Fighters and their Families at Tygerberg Hospital, so are also always included in the beneficiaries.
On Friday I spent a lovely time with all the ladies over a cup of coffee and scones, having a few good laughs, listening to all their stories and meeting some of the representatives from other organisations also there to collect goodies.

Just LOOK at all the wonderful goodies we received for our Families for our “Share the Warmth” outreach!!!
There are bright coloured booties, caps, jerseys, soft, warm blankies and some beautiful little sets consisting of jerseys and caps… the attention to detail and the craftmanship is really beautiful <3

All the goodies that you can see in the photos taken in the garage of Mrs de Klerk’s home are just a fraction of what there actually was… all awaiting pick-up by organisations that work with underprivileged, ill or challenged children.
Ladies, from Team LFCT and from all our Little Fighters and their Families we say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and for all the lovely little outfits, booties, caps, jerseys and blankets that you donated.


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