Today is Thankful Thursday, a day on which we take the opportunity to thank those donors/sponsors who make the work that LFCT does for and with Children with Cancer and their Families possible.

As most of you know, LFCT always does a winter outreach to both hospital wards as well as to the Families that we support whereby we supply the children and their siblings with warm winter clothing, blankets etc.

Today we would like to say Thank You very much to Sue Giddings, who we met at the Marian Dorrington Golf Day in Somerset West in March.

Thanks to Sue, LFCT received a donation of 140 blankets from Lufthansa as well as 200 blankets from British Airways.

Thanks SO much Sue, Lufthansa and British Airways, these blankets will go a long way towards our “Share the Warmth” project and will certainly keep many of our Children with Cancer in hospital as well as their carers who spend weeks and sometimes even months, sitting at and sleeping next to their child’s bedside in a cold hospital ward, warm through the coming winter.

Some of the blankets will also go into our Bags of Hope, which is a project whereby we deliver “emergency bags” to the Paediatric Oncology Units for those mothers and children with cancer who arrive there with nothing due to the fact that they are often whisked from whichever rural/small hospital at which the child has been diagnosed straight to a hospital with a paediatric oncology ward without even having time to return home to pack.

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