Extreme Fighting Championship Worldwide hosted 10 international fighters over the past several months who, together with local fighters, took part in a round-robin tournament.
The fighters competed in two teams; the Blue Team (Sayed) and the Orange Team (Pena).
A running theme every week on MMA reality TV show, TF1, was the teams predicting the results of the fights on the show. Every week, BetXchange provided odds on the fights and the teams placed ‘bets’.
The winnings were pooled to later be donated to team-selected charities; Team Sayed selected Fight with Insight as their charity and Team Pena selected the Little Fighters Cancer Trust as their charity.

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Our Johannesburg Representative Katrin Jansen van Vuuren joined EFC Worldwide, Kyle Maclean of Keith Ho BetXchange, & Demarte Pena for an on-camera handover of the donation cheque to the value of R24, 800.00 for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust. (Thank You, Katrin ❤️)


The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would hereby like to express our utmost heartfelt thanks to BetXchange for organising this fundraising initiative – you guys ROCK!!!! ?‍♂️

“We are very proud at BetXchange to hand over a donation like this,” stated Warren Ho of BetXchange at the hand-over. “The Fighters went through a lot to build up the amount of money they did. And we hope the charities are able to use it.” 

Thank You, Mr Ho – we SURE CAN use every cent to make the lives of our Little Fighters just a little bit better.

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Our gratitude also goes to Team Pena for selecting LFCT as their charity, and our Congratulations to Demarte Pena who won his EFC 66 Fight against Irshaad Sayed on Saturday and is still the Undisputed Bantamweight Champion.

“As fighters we get to choose to fight as a career we are passionate about, but ultimately it is a choice,” stated Pena.
He continued, “When it comes to the kids, they don’t choose to be sick. Having cancer is not something anyone wishes upon. Looking at the people that help others, it is an incredible gift to have. The Little Fighters Cancer Trust need the money. For those that can give a little, we are so grateful that we can do that. Thanks to BetXchange for coming through and giving the opportunity to give back.” 

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Thank you to all of the Fighters who took part in  #tf1 – it is GREAT to see professional fighters taking the time to think of others, and WHAT a wonderful inspiration you all are for all our Little Fighters.
Our thanks also go out to Suzanne Engelbrecht-Marais from EFC Worldwide for making all the arrangements and facilitating the handover to suit our schedule as all our volunteers also have full-time jobs so it is not always easy.


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