New Stem Cells Could be ‘Universally Transplanted’

Transplants are often a point of crisis, since there is a global shortage of donated organs, but also because there is a high risk that the receiver’s body will reject the donated organ or transplanted tissue. A new type of “universal” stem cells could solve some of these issues. Researchers may have found a way […]

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What are the Reasons behind SA’s Organ Donor Shortage?

South Africans needing organs historically struggle as there is a dearth of available organs for various reasons, including religious and cultural practices. According to Harriet Etheredge, a bioethicist at the University of the Witwatersrand though, those are not the only reasons… there are also perceptions that SA doctors and hospitals can’t be trusted, or that […]

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Helloooooooo Readers

Hi Folks, Just a little note to let you know that although the blog posts have been few recently, I have not forgotten about you… I have been very busy adding new pages to the blog… Please have a read through our new pages regarding Cancer Treatments and side effects of some of those treatments: […]

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