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Carina Bruwer‘s first of two Italian #SwimsForHope for Little Fighters Cancer Trust  

Carina has some company! Two open water swimmers from England, one open water swimmer from Malta.

Conditions are partly cloudy, and 19 degrees Celsius

The weather has played with today and Carina is currently doing her 15km swim of the Strait of Bonifacio between Corsica (France) and Sardinia (Italy) in aid of Little Fighters Cancer Trust.




On the way to the Start Point


Ready, Steady….


And Off We GO!!!


And a very brave lady daring the open waters once again in aid of children with cancer and the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.


Doing it for Children with Cancer!!
Doing it for Children with Cancer!!


Carina has reached 14% of her fundraising target for Little Fighters Cancer Trust, who offers amazing Support to children with cancer and their families, as well as raising much needed #ChildhoodCancerAwareness.


Please support this special #SwimForHope, and donate if you can. If you can’t donate, please take a few seconds to share.

Thank You for the donations to date!


Carina’s second swim, scheduled for the 20th June, is the quadruple crossing of Messina Straits  with Irish swimmer, Ned Denison!


Two big swims in one week….what an effort for #ChildhoodCancerAwareness and Little Fighters Cancer Trust!


We LOVE You, Carina



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