Carina's Swim For Hope
Carina’s Swim For Hope

Our Superwoman Open-Water Swimmer, Musician and Little Fighters Cancer Trust Ambassador is at it AGAIN!!

SWIMTHEISLAND ~ The Ultimate Open Water Swimming Event
10 – 11 OCTOBER 2015

Carina Bruwer Pugliese (with her band Sterling EQ in tow!) is once again in Italy, where Carina will be the celebrity guest and event endorsee, as she once again does a triple-the-distance (3 laps of the official 6km challenge distance),  open-water swim in aid of Child Cancer Awareness and to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust under the auspices of Swim for Hope.

swim-the-island-6km route
This is the Route that Carina will swim 3X

SWIMTHEISLAND is the ultimate open water swimming event taking place in the fascinating Marine Protected Area of Bergeggi, in the north-west coast of Italy

I am going to have to dig deep; it has been a very busy year and swimming 18km is outside my comfort zone at the moment, but I want to do this for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust – the organisation, the children and their families, know a different reality than most of us, and making a small effort like this may just make a big difference to them…” says Carina

An in-depth interview with Carina Bruwer Pugliese, open-water swimmer extreme and musician extraordinaire of Sterling EQ, about why she supports Little Fighters Cancer Trust and does the Swim for Hope challenges.

Kids_the_ island

A new addition to this challenge is “KID’sTHEISLAND,” an event in which children between 6 to 12 years old will have the possibility of enjoying a swimming race in the wonderful Marine Protected Area of Bergeggi, on a easy track of 100m – 200m – 400m and in total safety !

The challenge will be split into 6-7/8-9/10-11 age-group categories, and they will swim on a path of 100/200/400 meters but always with the aim of CIRCUMNAVIGATING an island, which will be a reproduction of the real Bergeggi Island.

The godmother/testimonial of the event will be Carina Bruwer; she’s a South African professional musician (she plays in the music band “Sterling EQ”) and swimmer of extreme crossings. In the past Carina completed a brave solitary swim across Cape Point in Cape Town, across the Strait of Bonifacio and across the Strait of Messina four times. Each of her exploits is linked with the “SWIM FOR HOPE” Project, that has the aim of raising funds for the “Little Fighters Cancer Trust”.”

Carina Bruwer Open Water Swimmer, Musician & LFCT Ambassador Swimming to raise funds
Carina Bruwer Open Water Swimmer, Musician & LFCT Ambassador Swimming to raise funds

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Little Fighters Cancer Trust once again sends out a huge hug of thanks to Carina and support crew for everything that it takes to set up and do a swim of this magnitude and congratulates Carina on all her accomplished and record-breaking Swims for Hope.

Please support Carina in her efforts to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness and funding for Little Fighters Cancer Trust by donating at Just Giving. 


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