Many of you on our Facebook Page are familiar with the battle that Shanaya, aka our ? Butterfly Princess ? is currently facing, together with her very brave parents, against Ewing Sarcoma.
Most of you, though, do not know the full story, and because it is so important to share the stories of our Little Fighters so that others may learn, and because Shanaya is facing overcoming another massive hurdle very soon, we will be sharing her story and some insights into fighting this Childhood Cancer over the next two weeks….
Thanks to Shanaya’s Family for allowing the Little Fighters Cancer  Trust to publish her story in order to create Childhood Cancer Awareness and perhaps offer some insight to other parents who are going through the same battle.
Shanaya was born on the 1st November 2013 to parents Shane and Lee-Anne, and soon melted everyone’s hearts… she was a typical little princess and had a completely uneventful childhood as far as illnesses go, until one night in April 2017…

On the 14th April 2017, Shanaya woke up in the middle of the night screaming with pain in her left arm and a fever of 41.
Her parents gave her pain medication but soon realised that the pain was not subsiding, so took her to the nearby Medical Centre, where she was given Nurofen, as everyone thought it could be a possible sprain.
Three days later Shanaya’s arm started swelling – her fever wasn’t breaking and the pain was unbearable. Her parents took her back to the Medical Centre and another x-ray was ordered, but the doctors could not find a fracture and so they referred Shanaya to a nearby hospital, to which she was admitted.
The orthopaedic doctor requested blood tests, x-rays and a MRI. He told Shanaya’s parents that she had osteomyelitis and they needed to take her into theatre to drain the infection from her left humerus.
The Family stayed in the hospital for 6 nights – Shanaya was taken back into theatre for the wound to be  cleaned, and the Dr advised that all the blood tests and pus cultures had come back clear. Shane and Lee-Anne proceeded with the follow-up checks, and in May her bandages and stitches were removed.
All seemed well – until June  – Shanaya’s arm started swelling again, and again her parents took her to emergency department at the same hospital where more blood tests, x-rays and a sonar were done.
The sonar showed 2 abscesses, and  Shanaya was once again admitted. The  orthopaedic doctor who had originally seen Shanaya was on leave so she was attended by another orthopaedic doctor who advised they had to take her back into theatre to drain the 2 abscesses. This was done on the 15th June.
The Dr connected a drain to her arm and discharged them after 2 nights. He advised that the blood tests and pus cultures were clear. The next week at her follow-up more x-rays, bloods and a sonar were done. The sonar still showed 2 masses but the orthopaedic doctor said he was happy and that everything looked OK.
Shanaya’s Mommy and Daddy were concerned that her arm wasn’t decreasing in size so they took her to their local GP who referred them to a Homeopathic Paediatrician who gave her natural medication and treated her for septic arthritis.
Shanaya’s arm was still  increasing in size so her parents took her to yet another Orthopaedic doctor for a third opinion and were referred to a bone infection specialist.
The bone specialist requested CT scan, x-rays & blood tests. The infection count in Shanaya’s blood was extremely high – her arm continued to increase in size so she was again admitted on the 29th July and very strong antibiotics were administered.
Shanaya was taken back into theatre on the 31st July where the abscess was again drained the humerus was scraped. The doctor also connected 2 drainage pumps into her humerus. He sent 8 tissues samples for microbiology cultures which identified staph aureus infection.
Shanaya and her mommy were in hospital for 18 days. She was taken back into theatre on the 14th August to clean the wound and remove the drainage and they were discharged.
The Family followed the rules and religiously did all the follow-up appointments, but Shanaya’s arm still wasn’t decreasing in size…

Please come back on Wednesday for Part II of Shanaya’s Battle with Ewing Sarcoma

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