And so today we continue with more of Shanaya’s Fight against Ewing Sarcoma…
Ewing sarcoma is the second most common bone cancer in children. It occurs most frequently in the long bones of the legs or arms, the pelvis, chest wall, spine and the skull, but can also begin in the soft tissues and not involve bone.
This disease most often occurs in adolescents, with nearly half of cases arising between the ages of 10 and 20. Ewing sarcoma is somewhat more common in males than in females.
During December 2017, Shanaya’s blood counts took a nosedive, and with a blood platelet count of a mere 18, she was admitted for her first blood transfusion.
Fortunately she was able to go home the next day, so was ecstatic as she hates to be away from her brother Unma with whom she is really close and who she misses terribly when she is in hospital.

Treatment options for Ewing Sarcoma consist of:

  • Chemotherapy: The use of anti-cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells is the preferred treatment for children, and may be done prior to and after surgery
  • Amputation: In cases where it is not possible to just remove the cancerous tumour, amputation of the limb may be necessary, after which a prosthesis (false limb) can be fitted
  • Limb-sparing Surgery: If at all possible, surgery to save the limb will be done either by replacing the affected bone with a specially designed artificial part (prosthesis) or by replacing the bone with bone taken from another part of the child’s body (bone graft)
  • Radiotherapy: High-energy rays that destroy the cancer cells.
    Some of the treatment options may result in after-effects such as nausea, vomiting, irritation or soreness of the skin from radiation, hair loss, and risk of infection; fatigue, bruising and bleeding or diarrhoea.

Shanaya began Cycle 4 of her Chemotherapy on her Daddy’s birthday on 11 December. This was a rather tough cycle and she did not feel well at all – Chemotherapy is very draining, especially on such a young body, and can make our Little Fighters very fatigued at the best of times.
Fortunately for Shanaya though, by this time mommy knows just the thing to get her feeling a bit better – a beeg bar of chocolate 😀
Shanaya did her best though and after that bit of a choccie boost she was able to eat and drink her liquids and not let that “red devil chemo” get the best of her.
Just before Christmas our Supergirl Butterfly Princess gave everyone a big scare when her counts dropped –

  • Her neutrophil count was 0.04;
  • Her platelets were a mere 53; and
  • Her white blood cells were 0.24

This necessitated another visit to the hospital and a blood transfusion as well as the big gun antibiotics.

 I needed a blood transfusion. I don’t know whose blood I’m getting but to my amazing B positive donor, thank you. You are saving my life.
Please donate blood if you can to SANBS as you will be saving a life. I’m praying to feel better so i can go home for Christmas.


Luckily Shanaya and mommy could return home on 24 December so she could see the Christmas lights and they could have a lovely meal together as a family even though they do not celebrate Christmas – Family Time was what mattered!!

On the last day of 2017 I just wanted to say enjoy life and live each moment as it comes. If you don’t have the will power find your inspiration in me.
Ewing Sarcoma you have met your match. I am the One n Only Shanaya the first. In 2018 I WILL BE CANCER FREE

We will end today’s post on that very positive  note…

Please come back on Wednesday for Part V of Shanaya’s Battle with Ewing Sarcoma


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