Young Shanaya took to her battle with cancer as she does everything else – with a determined smile, even when she was really not feeling well.
Mommy was there with her in the hospital every step of the way, and because Shanaya is Daddy’s Girl, so was her daddy Shane whenever he could be.
Unfortunately, due to the chemotherapy treatments, Shanaya lost her beautiful long hair, but she was not fazed….
No hair not going to stop me from being the diva princess I am. I am the one ‘n only Shanaya the First!

Did we tell you that Shanaya the First loves Barbies and Butterflies? Well, she had some great Barbie and Butterfly parties and I think she must have the biggest collection of each EVER!!!

11 October 2017 ·
Mommy and Daddy asked me to make a wish list of all the surprises that will make me happy…So I did!!!!
They promised me that after each time I come home from having my special princess medication, they will make sure there’s one of my surprises waiting for me.



22 October 2017
I completely slayed 5 days straight of chemo. Mommy says I handled the tummy cramps without meds better than most woman handle labour pains with meds. I told you Ewing Sarcoma you met your match. I am the one and only Shanaya the first. A special thank you to everyone for my surprises that was waiting at home.

Handling things like a trooper – this little body has already handled SO much….
But it is not all sunshine and roses – cancer is an awful disease that ravages a little child’s body, but the treatments are sometimes worse….

21 November 2017
We have officially passed the halfway mark for my first 6 cycles of chemo. Cycle 3 was so hard. My emotions have officially taken over. I turn into someone I don’t know as soon as I walk into the hospital. I don’t talk, I scream, I kick, I fight, I resist medication, I cry, I don’t eat. ”
This dreaded treatment brings out a side of me that is not a reflection of my true spirit. I reach points whereby I am so ill and then I remember, I am the one and only Shanaya the First. Ewing Sarcoma you have met your match.
I went from low blood counts, to high fevers, to rashes, mouth sores, throats sores whilst on cycle 3 of chemo but I woke up this morning ready to have a princess party. The doctor couldn’t believe how well I progressed overnight and I got to go home today.
A special thank you to my Aunty Nadia Lewis for her special delivery that warmed my heart today.

The side effects of Chemotherapy Treatment are many, and are rather difficult for a little child to handle – never mind what seeing one’s beloved child going through all this does to a parent… We salute all Parents of Children with Cancer!
Childhood Cancer can result in many side-effects, including physicalsocial, and emotional side effects. For this reason, preventing and controlling the side effects of the cancer and/or its treatment is very important. This is known as symptom managementpalliative or supportive care, and is an essential part of the overall treatment plan.
Side effects depend on a variety of factors, including the cancer’s stage, the length and dosage of treatment(s), and your child’s overall health.
It is important to speak to your child’s oncologist about the specific type of side-effects they may experience based on the type of cancer they have, when they are likely to occur, and the best ways to prevent, manage and treat them.
It is also important that you ask about the level of care that your child will require once they return home, both during treatment and while in recovery, as it is often a good idea to enlist the help of family and friends to help with care-giving.
Side Effects of Chemotherapy include Nausea & Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Heartburn or Stomach Ache, Sore Mouth or Throat/Mouth Sores, Change in Taste – Foods Have Less Taste or a Bitter Metallic Taste, Hair Loss, Skin Problems, Kidney & Bladder Problems, Nerve Problems, Bone Problems, Systemic Problems (Involving The Entire Body) and much more…

Please come back on Monday for Part IV of Shanaya’s Battle with Ewing Sarcoma


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