We just luuurvve our Little Fighters Cancer Trust Representatives – they do SUCH great work and we would not be able to do what we do without our volunteers and LFCT Reps.
Yesterday our Pietermaritzburg Rep, Lauren Hook, did a quick visit to Greys Hospital to bring some joy to all the Little Fighters there and was rewarded with broad smiles and infectious giggles.
Lauren does this regularly once a month and is always cheered by the gratefulness shown by the children as well as the mothers/carers for the little gifts for the kids. There is basically one ward and in it are children of all ages who really get very bored so any games, puzzles etc are always warmly welcomed.

Yesterday Lauren handed out toys, colouring books & crayons, packs of cards, puzzles, puppets, finger spinners, face cloths, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and every single gift was humbly appreciated.

Lauren had the following to say:
The little boy in the blue shirt giggled so much at the finger spinner that the doc on duty came to see… made his mom smile and hug me…  priceless moment… 
The boys ended up doing a puppet show game while I was there…  loved it …
I met a little girl Chantal… u see me chatting to her and mom in one photo… she is four turning five… a month’s diff to my daughter…   I cried when got to work… but her mom and her are very positive… so humbled with the gifts.
Lauren, thanks for spreading the love…. ? ? ?

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