Sors Guru Grobbelaar fighting stance

Sors Grobbelaar is a Professional Martial Artist actively competes in K-1, Muaythai & MMA. He is also a proud Little Fighters Cancer Trust Childhood Cancer Awareness Ambassador, and dedicates all his fights to our Little Fighters and their Families. One man’s Fight for Childhood Cancer Awareness! Just AWESOME!

The particular fights below were dedicated to Little Fighter Estiaan, who lost his Fight against Brain Cancer on May 18th, 2012.

Sors continues to FIGHT the lack of childhood cancer awareness, in the way he knows best!

Sors in Non-Fighting Mode

The Photo of the Day! Not sure who's smile is bigger
The Photo of the Day! Not sure who’s smile is bigger

Sors does not only fight for Childhood Cancer Awareness, though ~ this mountain of a man also has a heart of gold, and sometimes he lets his softer side show…

On Saturday, May17th, an amazing group of Little Fighters Cancer Trust Supporters, headed by Sors GURU Grobbelaar, made Heini, one of our brain cancer Fighters, the happiest 5 year old EVER!

Heini’s optical nerves were damaged beyond repair during the removal of his brain tumors, and our mission with this Birthday Party was to make it a day Heini will remember forever.

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