Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to send out a special shout-out to Faircape Dairies for their continued and heartfelt Support. We are highly appreciative of your support and passion for what we do and look forward to continuing our partnership for many years!

In September 2013, Child Cancer Awareness Month, Faircape Dairies made a special run of yoghurt with Little Fighters Cancer Trust lids and logo to promote Child Cancer Awareness. A portion of the price of every yoghurt sold was donated to LFCT.

Below is the cheque that was handed over to Tommy & Mandie this morning by Faircape Dairies.

cheque for yoghurts handed over by Faircape Dairies
cheque for yoghurts handed over by Faircape Dairies


In the words of the indomitable Mandie, “You guys ROCK!



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