Well, we told you a few days ago that our Super-Slueth was on the job tracking down leads to try to find the seemingly invisible Santa, his Elves and all the Reindeer…


He FOUND them!!!!


This is really not looking too good…..

It looks like Santa has decided that he is tired of getting cold and has retired to warmer climes for a bit. We did manage to speak to him and find out where the Elves are too, but the news there was not much better…

Well, this of course is totally unacceptable behaviour so close to Christmas, so we really did try to get them to come back to work but all we got in response was this…


Now I ask you, is that any way for Father Christmas to behave? I mean, we all know that the Elves can be mischievous at times, but Santa?

Little Fighter Tommy

We received this message from our Super Sleuth Superhero, Little Fighter Tommi:

While I am continuing to negotiate with Santa and his Elves to come back to work, at which time I am sure that the Reindeer will also return in time to help drive the sleigh, you all know what it is like to negotiate during a strike action, so…

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust really needs YOUR help in the meantime, as we cannot afford to wait to gather all our Christmas presents for our Little Fighters, so please can you extend us a helping hand by volunteering as Little Fighters Christmas Elves?”

What Does Becoming a Christmas Elf Mean?

Becoming a Little Fighters Cancer Trust Christmas Elf means that you help us to bring Christmas Cheer to our Little Fighters and their Families by donating some Christmas Goodies and getting your Colleagues, Friends and Family to as well, and delivering them to pre-arranged dropoff points so that we can sort, wrap and get them all ready within the next 30 days for delivery to our Little Fighters and their Families before Christmas.

While not many people can actually visit the Little Fighters in hospital due to their compromised immune systems and fear of infection, we do try to make them feel special by visiting, giving them a little Christmas party and some presents so that they too feel special – many of these children will be spending Christmas in Hospital and many of them will receive no other presents as their families just do not have the money… Cancer is EXPENSIVE!

We have a very specific list of goodies that are needed and have arranged drop-off points in various areas. WE will print the wish list for presents and the drop-off lists later in the week. In the meantime, if you would like to help financially (our Christmas Elf Project costs in the range of R600 000), please donate via the following methods and mark your donation “Christmas Elf”

Bank Details

Account Holder: Little Fighters Cancer Organization
Bank: FNB Paarl Mall
Account No: 62277783249
Branch Code: 250057
Swift code for international donations: FIRNZAJJ
Trust Reg No: IT2817/2010
Reference: Christmas Elf


PayPal Donations


Additional Details

NPO Registration Number: 089-376
PBO Registration Number: 9300 37 657

Office Hours: 021 863 0249 ǀ Cell: 073 729 6155

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