On the 25th of MAY Bredasdorp Raceway went GOLD for Childhood Cancer Awareness in the form of a Race Against Kids Cancer, of which the Little Fighters Cancer Trust was privileged to be the beneficiary.

Well, let me tell you, this “tannie” had the time of her life… from meeting the most wonderful, friendly, giving people in this little platteland dorpie – it is true what they say, “Afrikaners is Plesierig.

I was a bit nervous driving down as I had to travel through Caledon and there has been a bit of unrest there of late, but all went well and I had to smile because as I came round the bend going onto the R316 as one exits Caledon, there was car no 10 on a trailer in front of me and when checking my rearview mirror, there was another racer behind me so I kinda felt all cosy and escorted… all the way to Bredasdorp… even though they were unaware… but I really appreciated it as there was quite a long misty bit to traverse…

While it did take me some time to get used to all the ge-tannie-ry (not used to it, being an “Ingelsman”), all jokes aside, one thing that really struck me and which I love is the fact that the race started with a prayer and the national anthem, and it was nice to see the gentlemen doff their hats during both… people in the country just have these wonderful old-fashioned values that I miss so much…

I was chatting to a lady in the clubhouse in the course of the afternoon/evening, and we were discussing when we had last been to watch “stock-cars” – the last time I did was around a half-century ago at the Goodwood Showgrounds 8|

The day was AWESOME… loud, but AWESOME!!! It was absolutely fantastic to walk around the pits looking at all the different classes of cars and speaking to various drivers and pit-crew, and learning a bit about this wonderful racing fraternity where competition is tough but at the end of the day everyone is Family!

I must admit though that I had my favourites… the Ninja Midgets… ag jinne Ma, those young tykes are SO cool in their little cars – fiercely competitive but it was just so awesome to see children of that age racing… hopefully we will be able to take some of our Little Fighters sometime…. Well done to #88 Marius Smit, #69 Franco Truter, and #65 Christiaan Maritz – you guys are Superheroes!!

Well done to #88 Marius Smit, #69 Franco Truter, and #65 Christiaan Maritz – you guys are Superheroes!!


1st #65 Christiaan Maritz (PolyParts/JesusLaaikJou)
2nd #69 Franco Truter (Voorsorg Ingeneurs)
3rd #88 Marius Smit (CWBouwers/MilneKabinetwerke)

Hearty congratulations to all the parents as well, for their passion, support and investment in their children – may your young heroes go from strength to strength!

My other favourites, although I did enjoy all the races, were the tap ‘n spin races…. a bit like adult “Dodgem cars” but with real cars 😀

This day was a wonderful experience, even if my ears are still ringing from all the noise – there is just something primal about hearing those engines revving… the day began with a fantastic starting grid and as all the different classes went through their heats things started to heat up…. some great racing went down… a few tempers flew close to the edge but sanity prevailed… there were quite a few narrow misses and some hits…

Steve Bekker decided to kiss the wall a bit hard and was out of the running but thank goodness he was OK and walked away with a smile. There were a few other mishaps but thanks to a great tow team and ever-present, on-the-ball paramedics, injuries on the day were minimal and everyone was around to party the night away after the last race…

Once the last race was over it was time for the prize-giving and the auction, and the manne (en die vroue) were ready for some partying and celebrating to end off a hard day and a hard, long season…

Our congratulations go out to everyone who took part in the day and to all the winners in each class – Geluk Mense, Julle Verdien dit!!

I was ecstatic to see the trophies that were to be handed out, as they were especially made for this race – in the shape of the Gold Childhood Cancer Awareness Ribbon!!! PRAGTIG!! Each competitor also received a medal which has the LFCT logo on it – what a wonderful keepsake of this glorious day! Thanks SO much once again, Folks, and thank you for my medal as well 😀

A VERY special Thank You goes out to a wonderful young man, Ayrton Montenegro, who donated his entire R2 000 winnings to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust!! Ayrton may you be blessed hundredfold – from all the good things I heard about you, you are a wonderful role-model in all that you do – Thank You again; stay just as you are.

Another special shout-out goes to young Pieter Lingenfelder who is himself a Child with Cancer and who rang the bell last week after his last chemo treatment – Pieter donated R100. Baie dankie Pieter en Geluk, jy is ons Hero!

I met so many lovely people and everyone was so friendly and outgoing… had I known the whole set-up I would have taken my tent and camped out at the oval as well… naah only joking, these old bones could not handle sleeping on the ground and Clivia House B&B was fantastic, thanks Lina and Henk… exactly what I needed.

Mense, baie dankie dat julle so gaaf en vriendelik was en dat julle vir my en vir die Little Fighters Cancer Trust en alle kinders met kanker so diep in julle harte gehou het Saterdag en dat julle alles gegee het vir ‘n baie goeie doel. Julle het my dag baie spesiaal gemaak.

Dankie veral aan Steve Bekker, Sheree Kruger, en Elzaan Germishuys vir alles wat julle gedoen het… Elzaan ek gaan jou nog steeds kom ontvoer 😉 Dankie aan almal wat bygedra het na die wonderlike dag om iets vir kinders met kanker te doen – julle donasies is baie baie welkom en sal baie goed doen!

Thanks SO Much to Steve Bekker, Sheree Kruger, en Elzaan Germishuys for everything that you guys did and for being so open and welcoming on Saturday. Julle het my sommmer lekker tuis laat voel.

Thank you to every single person that contributed in any way to make Saturday the success that it was – organisers, donors, participants, spectators, pit crews, Oom Chris, the tow-crew, the paramedics, the tuck-shop/kitchen crew, the bar crew, and all other support staff.

Thanks everyone for going all the way to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust and Children with Cancer and their Families- your donations are very welcome and will do a LOT of good – Thank YOU!

A big Thank You as well to the lady who made and donated the lovely little caps and gloves. They will keep our Little Fighters nice and warm.

We will do a wrap-up blog-post in about 10 days again once we have all the final figures in, as there are apparently still peeps paying in and we have to wait for the end of the month bank statement…. BUT we can tell you that so far – what we know about – donations have topped the R12 500 mark So WoW!! Well Done!!

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