When it comes to Childhood Cancer, we hear and read many sad stories, heart-breaking stories, heroic stories, horror stories, … and every now and then we have a story that really touches one’s heart in such a way that one just wants to reach out and hug those concerned – this is one of those stories.

Most times when a Child with Cancer sees a Paramedic it is because they are in terrible pain, have a temperature, or are on their last legs, and are being rushed to hospital. We hope that after everyone reads this story and sees these photos, they will feel a WHOLE LOT of LOVE for our EMS folk.

Earlier today a convoy of ambulances from Paarl Ambulance Services stopped outside of LFCT’s Offices in Paarl and a bunch of folks dressed in green climbed out and came in to our office, arms loaded… these were Members of the Western Cape Metro EMS, otherwise known as The Green Lanterns – Their name comes from the colour of their uniforms and also because they want to bring light to Children with Cancer!

These wonderful people had decided to do something VERY special for all our Little Fighters – each one of the undermentioned personally bought a teddy bear then personally cut up and sewed their old uniform into a lovely little outfit for their bear – HOW ABSOLUTELY AWESOME IS THAT???

The work that Team LFCT does is stressful and heart-breaking and can be very depressing much of the time, but a day like today makes it all worthwhile and makes our hearts swell with pride and love that there are so many people out there that actually DO care – this is really “Going Above and Beyond

To each and every person who contributed – you have our undying love and gratitude for creating these very special gifts with so much love and attention to detail – THANK YOU SO MUCH

  • Terence Klaassen – Station Manager Ems
  • Toby Claassen – Captain EMS
  • Alvirusca Martin
  • Angelo Petersen
  • Anne Crown
  • Anneline Crown
  • Casey van der Walt
  • Cheryl van Schoor
  • Darrel Adams
  • Donovan van Schoor
  • Gaino Lewies
  • Heinrich Henn
  • Hendrina Claasen
  • Jefferine Klaasen
  • Jeremy van Rooyen
  • Jessica Patrick
  • Jonomine Arendse
  • Lynn Lombaard
  • Marie Cloete
  • Maudene Zwaan
  • Michael Biscombe
  • Princess Sam
  • Sharene & Michael Biscombe
  • Shawreza Adams
  • Una Salies
  • Veronique Van Rooyen
  • Zithobile Nondzaba

Paarl Fire Department Members who also contributed:

  • Alfonso Smith
  • Juwan Carolissen
  • Mark van Wyk
  • Rozanne Carolissen

Thanks also to Perdeberg Winery who donated some of the teddy bears – YOU ROCK!!

We are sure that our Little Fighters will enjoy having their very own personal EMS Teddy to look after them during their grueling battle with Cancer, and through their recovery.

soldier saluting

Ladies and Gents, we salute you!

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