Here is Cameron’s story written by his mommy, Jackie:

Cammy was born on 21 May 2004. He has always been a healthy child. He hardly ever got ill. We we’re in a financial slump last year August when Cam’s got ill. We took him to a government clinic who diagnosed him with Tonsilitis. His gland under his left jaw was pretty swollen. He got his meds and improved but 3 weeks later got sick again. Once again the clinic said it was Tonsilitis. This time he got better.

The gland however got bigger. We saved up some cash and took him to a GP. The gland bothered us but not him. It was solid and moveable but interferred with him in no way. The GP sent him for blood tests because she suspected it could be cancer. The blood tests showed nothing on his Cd count and so that was ruled out. She referred us to a Paed who gave him antibiotics and said it should clear the gland/lymph node.

It was thought that the Tonsilitis germ could possibly have gotten stuck and was growing in his lymph node OR that he had TB of the lymph nodes. He took the meds but the node was still swollen. This was Feb of this year. My hubby was informed he would be taken on permanently and his package would include med aid. As Cams was not ill we decided to wait till then. We were on a med aid 1 May and immediately saw a GP. Cams was booked to see a surgeon.

Unfortunately my hubby got seriously ill with swine flu, which both kids got as well so Cams had to postpone his appointment. My hubby passed away on the 30 May.

We were then informed that the med aid would only be effective till 30 June. I took full advantage of this and had both kids checked from head to toe. Kyle, who is turning 9 in December had no problems. Cams on the other hand needed glasses, was diagnosed with Perthes Disease and underwent surgery to remove the lump.

The histology report confirmed that Cams has Hodgkins Lymphoma.

This was the 30 June. We were then referred to doctor Rosie at Johannesburg Gen who saw us the following Monday. Immediately he went into theater and had bone marrow extracted, a piece of his hip bone removed and a lumber punch done. He then had a CT scan and PET scan done. These tests all confirmed he had stage 2 Lymphoma.

Cammy started chemo on the 18 July.