Here at LFCT we understand the difficulties surrounding Childhood Cancer and would like to make a bit of a difference to your week by posting motivational posts of all kinds on a Monday, so herewith the first “Motivation Monday” post.

Today’s post highlights just one thing that parents of a chld with cancer have to deal with – time to spend with their sick child and the loving kindness of strangers that made one family’s burden just a little bit easier…

Childhood Cancer is a vile, disgusting, overwhelming disease that targets the most vulnerable of all – our children, and when this happens an entire family’s lives are thrown into major upheaval.

Imagine your child has cancer and you cannot spend time with them because you do not have sufficient leave at your workplace… there are many parents faced with this problem, and normally they would try to take as much unpaid leave as possible and sometimes it even means that they lose their job, because the health of one’s child is paramount and trumps all.

This is the situation that faced the Greens from Huntsville, Alabama when their usually smiley, giggly 11-month-old daughter, Kinsley went to the hospital in October 2018 for what was believed to be a blood infection and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Megan took leave from her job to stay with Kinsley while she receives treatment in Birmingham — about a three-hour round-trip drive from their home.

David, meanwhile, has had to drive back and forth between Birmingham and Huntsville, where he is a football coach and history teacher at Mae Jemison High School. He works tirelessly to provide for his family.

But he recently ran out of sick days at work…

There is a long road to recovery ahead. Making the situation even harder is the fact that Megan and Kinsley spend many nights away from David.

In March, Megan shared a post on Facebook with a very big ask. She was wondering if any of David’s fellow teachers at Jemison High would be willing to donate their sick days to her husband so their family could spend more time together. They needed only about 40 days.

Word spread, and nothing prepared the Greens for the reaction to Megan’s post – colleagues from across the state got involved (even a vice-principal who is herself undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer) and donated in excess of 100 days of leave to David!!!

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