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Little Fighters Cancer Trust established the Little Fighters Cancer Trust Heart of GOLD Medal awards recently to acknowledge and thank individuals who have shown that they have Hearts of GOLD by their unsolicited, unselfish deeds in helping Little Fighters Cancer Trust do what we do!

This month is it our absolute privilege and HONOUR to bestow this award on a group of people who really went above and beyond to put some smiles on the face of our Little Fighters and some coins in the coffers of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust at the same time; the Members of the   Mosaic Association of South Africa (MASA) and all their friends, family and other helpers who made the Butterflies for Kids with Cancerproject so successful.

masa heart of gold awardEvery year MASA selects a beneficiary or cause to support with mosaics to brighten their environment but also as a means to raise funds. Association members are requested to create a themed mosaic for this purpose. Previous projects can be viewed HERE.

Little Fighters Cancer Trust was thrilled to be chosen as the Mosaic Association of South Africa’s 2015 beneficiary, via the “Butterflies for Kids with Cancer” Project .

The 2015 Butterflies for Kids with Cancer project invited MASA members as well as their friends, family and supporters across South Africa to create either a 20 x 20cm wood base or a wood cut-out of a butterfly, mosaiced in bright, cheerful colours. Each participant over the age of 18 would also make a cash donation of R50. All the donations would be paid over directly to LFCT.

By the end of September we were able to finalise the numbers and are overwhelmed and stunned to be able to confirm that in excess of 500 beautiful and colourful butterflies of various shapes and sizes were donated to make our Paediatric Onco wards a bit happier and friendlier for our Little Fighters. Hospital wards are not nice places; they are dreary and cold and yucky, and we know that these beautiful butterflies will put smiles on the faces of all our Little Fighters and all the other Children with Cancer who spend so much time in hospital.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would once again like to thank MASACher Manning and each and every contributor and participant for their overwhelming caring, compassion and generosity of time and spirit that they gave to the MASA Butterflies for Kids with Cancer Project in aid of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

For the compassion, passion, creativity, time and effort you all gave to this project in aid of Children with Cancer and the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, we salute you, MASA Members, and award you with the Little Fighters Cancer Trust Heart of GOLD Medal.

We Salute YOU!



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