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Good Day Little Fighter Friends,

May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month, and as such Little Fighters Cancer Trust will be doing a series of articles on Brain Cancer throughout the month.

For an overview on Brain Cancer in Children please refer to our Brain Cancer Page under Child Cancer Types.

When it comes to brain cancer, children are not just little adults, as some people often believe; their brains are still developing and their needs are very different to that of adults. Brain tumours in children are also very different to brain tumours in adults and need to be treated differently Brain tumours in children are rare, but at the same time they are the most common form of solid tumour amongst children under the age of 15 and represent approximately 20% of all childhood cancers. Childhood Brain Tumours often behave differently and appear in totally different locations to brain tumours in adults.  Treatment options vary and are very often influenced by the age of the child.  Childhood Brain Cancer often also has a far better prognosis than adult brain cancer does.

A full transcript of the Webinar can be accessed HERE

 Some Quick Facts About Brain Cancer

There are more than 120 different types of tumour;

  • Brain tumours are a notoriously difficult disease to diagnose
  • Brain tumour research is woefully under-funded and treatments lag seriously behind other cancers
  • Our understanding of other cancers does not readily translate to brain tumours
  • Patient personality changes that can occur as a result of a brain tumour cause massive family disruption
  • Much more research is needed to discover the cause of brain tumours and to understand their behaviour

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