On Saturday night Lizelma and I were privileged to attend the Little Miss & Mr Winelands 2018 Competition as the Little Fighters Cancer Trust was the beneficiary on the night, and what a wonderful, sparkling, professional, fun evening it was.
Young ladies and gentlemen from all over the Winelands took part and strutted their stuff on the stage – we were just very pleased that we were not asked to be judges as they had an enormous task ahead of them – but they acquitted themselves very well.
It was such fun to watch the little ones, the young ladies were all decked out in their finest gowns and the gentlemen were decked out in their fines too, bow ties and all [ Lizelma wanted to take one or two home with her…. 😉 ]
This is what it looks like when our youngsters strut their stuff – and believe me, the family and friends that were there supported them all 110% and raised the roof at every announcement of winners, of which there were quite a few as there was a variety of categories.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to say well done to all entrants and extend congratulations to all title winners. To us, each and every one of you (and your families) are winners because you care about our Little Fighters.
LFCT had a table in the foyer highlighting what we do so that the entrants and parents who had, apart from paying financial a fee, donated product as part of their entrance fee as well, could see exactly what is is that they are supporting…

Thank You’s

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to:
Thank You to Marizanne Engels who organises the competition every year, for nominating LFCT as the Beneficiary Charity for 2018, for including a donation of product as part of the entry fee, and for providing the entrants with a list of products we need for our Little Fighters Family Care Packs. Thank you also to Bertus, Mom, and the rest of the family for all their hard work (also to Marizanne’s daughter who kept me supplied with cuppucinos <3 )
Thank You to Carli Coetzee who made a very emotional donation of R2000 in honour of a friend who is currently struggling with cancer. Dankie Carli, ons waardeer dit baie en sal jou vriend in ons gebede hou.
Thank you to each and every parent for the donation of product – our families will be SO spoiled with their next Care packages *Mwah*

A VERY Special Thank You also goes out to our own little Princess, Warda Geswindt, who fittingly won the Little Miss Charity title (apart from her other title) for collecting the most towards LFCT.
Warda is a staunch ongoing supporter of LFCT and collected plenty of goodies for us last year as well. Thanks for your pageant contributions as well as your private contributions of lovely winter clothing and blankets, Warda – ons waardeer dit BAIE!!


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